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Last week, I introduced you to one of my all time favorite authors, Jeremy Robinson and his new exclusive eBook “Beneath.” Jeremy is a fantastic writer to start adding to your collection if you love edge of your seat thrillers with sci-fi elements. Tonight, however, I want to share with you an altogether different kind of writer…but no less impressive in her accomplishments.

Jarnel of the Royal Stables, Thomas the Butcher, Micah the Farmer, and Boswick the Brave, step forward by order of the king. These words command four simple men to fulfill the kings desire for an unholy sacrifice. Little do they know that they are embarking on a journey wilder than their imaginations. Greediness and a thirst for power drive evil rulers to unthinkable acts, exploiting the very people they are called to protect. Four unsuspecting menchosen by King Ararat himselfare given an opportunity to flee from the kings rule and rescue their people. Starved, beaten, and threatened, the mens families and neighbors are without hope as they nervously await the mens return to the village. Boswick the Brave, Jarnel of the Royal Stables, Thomas the Butcher, and Micah the Farmer are faced with a choice: will they cling to the evil ways of their king or will they grab hold of their salvation? In their hands rest the fate of two desperate villages. But the men cannot do it alone. They need the support of those they are rescuing. Will the villagers overcome the evil that threatens to overtake their land or will they risk everything to end The Time of Darkness?

I first heard about, and later met, Nikki Jones on Facebook. I’ve met very few warmer and more caring authors in my life and once I heard about her first novel, The Quest: The Time of Darkness, I knew I had to read it. I’m glad I did. The Time of Darkness is a first rate fantasy adventure written in the classic allegorical style of John Bunyon or C.S. Lewis. While generally geared to young adults (tweens and teens), I have to say that it is a book that’s fun for kids of ALL ages, no matter how old you are (I’m 38…you do the math).

“Nothing is as it seems” is a key theme throughout the book, which is ironic because I could say the same about the book itself. Everything has meaning. Symbology is everywhere…leading the reader to a greater understanding of God’s wonderful truths…from salvation to being stronger in faith. And it was faith that I drew most from the book. After reading it, I had a stronger understanding of how God works and how He doesn’t always work within our preferred time line. My faith was simply stronger after reading it.

But before you think the book is a boring dissertation on doctrine, let me stop you right there. It’s not. It’s also a lot of fun! The story dives into the classic hero’s quest situation complete with maniacal kings, sorcery, dragons, and damsels in distress. It’s a story of bravery and finding the courage in the face of adversity. And it’s the story of the little man overcoming evil in its purest form.

I recently asked Nikki where she came up with the idea for her book, what inspired her, and how it all came together. I can’t think of a better way to tell you about it than to use her own words:

My book, The Time of Darkness; The Quest, was just an idea. I never thought I could ever write a book. Writing was for smart people, I just enjoyed reading them. My children and I would read together every afternoon, often enjoying fantasy fiction stories. I noticed that every fantasy story held magic, witchcraft, idols, or false gods. That really got me thinking. As a Christian woman, I wanted my children to read something with substance, morality, and God glorifying testimony. Too often God is removed from schools, libraries, and all forms of entertainment. Just look at our world today. I decided to push my insecurities aside and write a book for my children. I never had to show it to anyone, I never had to allow myself to become vulnerable and open to criticism; no, I only had to write from my heart a story that glorified God.
I love the medieval European time period, so I decided to write in that era. Because my book is fantasy, I took the liberty of mixing some of my elements from different places in time. I love to “see” my world, you’ll see that I spend a good deal of time describing my fictional lands. I also love the classic epic of good vs evil. My goal was to excite my children about the bible. I used much symbolism and carefully wove messages of faith and perseverance throughout. I had only wanted my children to enjoy my story, however, my daughter pushed me to send it off. I’m so glad that she saw more in this story than me. After many months and many rejections, I became published. I am amazed by the feedback I have received from my readers. So many children, as well as adults, have contacted me with expressions of gratitude for writing something spiritually based. I am working on the sequel and hope for it be ready soon. The Deception continues my story. I pray that I can only improve as I go on my quest to bring glory to God

Nikki has a deep passion for telling stories. And an even greater one for Christ. She reflects His own love in a way that shines through in her very first novel. I encourage you, if you’re looking for a great read, check out this book at any Internet book retailer or by going to Nikki’s own website (http://www.nikkijones.info). You’ll be glad you did!

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