The Megalith Thriller Writer’s Smackdown!

Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you a great contest being done at Megalith–Books That Rock!, (who’s a fantastic book reviewer if you’ve never heard of him). The contest is the second annual Megalith Thriller Writer Smackdown and it’s something you might want to get involved in. Basically, it’s a contest for fantastic thriller writers to see who has the most passionate fan base! But I’ll let Megalith himself tell you all about it in a second. But first, be sure to read down to the bottom where I’ll share with you a way to win THREE FREE BOOKS courtesy of Seven Realms Publishing and Megalith! 
Now, here’s the Big M himself!:
The Megalith May Madness Thriller Writer Smackdown pits thirty-two authors in a single-elimination “tournament.” Each day in May, two authors are pitted against one another, and readers vote for their favorite. The winner advances to the next round, with the championship round held on May 31.

The “Smackdown” began in 2009 as a product of a bored mind. Inspired partly by the HarperCollins “March Madness” competition, and partly because I was reading the novel ‘The Hunger Games’ at the time, I thought it would be fun to host an elimination-style thriller author tournament. Because I have the chance to read a wide range of authors in the genre, I wanted to make sure I included not only the ‘big names’, but some of the lesser-known authors I enjoy.

It became immediately apparent that the midlist and small press authors were out for blood. Most of the biggest names were out of the running early on. The web-savvy authors who interacted regularly with their readerships did a great job of getting out the vote. Scott Sigler was a force from the get-go, and authors like Jeremy Robinson and David Golemon were also strong.

Watching the votes come in was fun, especially with the high-turnout matchups. Jeremy Robinson vs Thomas Greanias was back-and-forth all the way, and Greanias’s next round against David Wood was also a slugfest. The final round was terrific because it matched a “big publishing house guy” in Greanias against Sean Ellis, a “small press guy.” Overall, I think the inaugural “Smackdown” was a success. It brought many new readers to the site, and introduced readers to some authors they might not have otherwise discovered. It’s been nice to receive thank-you’s from writers who share stories of readers who tell them, “I found you through the Megalith contest.”

There will be a couple of minor changes this year. Last year, I included writing teams like Cussler and Dubrul both as pairs and individually. I’m not doing that this year, which allowed me to include a broader pool of authors. Also, voting will no longer be cut off at midnight eastern time. Too many west coast readers were getting squeezed out. This year, the contest cuts off at 7:00am ET, or whenever I brew my first cup of coffee.

I’d like to invite everyone who loves thriller novels to take part in the Smackdown. It’s great fun and a chance to learn about thirty-two terrific authors
Thanks Megalith, for sharing that information! So here’s the deal…you can have a great time voting for your favorite authors…plus, you can even influence the outcome by getting all your friends to play along as well. The more votes an author gets, the better he does and the higher they’ll advance!
And let me tell you, there is some MAJOR competition in this one:  Thomas Greanias, Jeremy Robinson, Clive Cussler, Steven Savile, Brad Thor, James Rollins, David Wood and many many more. Plus, I’ll have to say, I’m a bit biased on this one…Seven Realms’ own SEAN ELLIS (author of Shroud of Heaven) is also in the running (hey, it’s my blog…I can promote who I want to! Ha!). So go on over to Megalith and vote for your favorite authors.
Oh, yeah…I told you about some free books as well. Well, Seven Realms Publishing and Megalith are teaming up to offer you a chance to win three free books: Primal Thirst by, well, me, Survivor’s Affair by Rick Nichols, and Sean Ellis’ upcoming The Adventures of Dodge Dalton in the Shadow of Falcon’s Wings. All you have to do is go HERE and follow the instructions. Basically, it’s a bracket contest where you try to predict the winners of the competition…and as I said earlier, since you can actually influence the results, you have an even better chance of winning the more active role you play! So get started now! And have fun!
Here’s the link to Megalith, by the way! MEGALITH

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