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I met tonight’s author on Facebook. To be honest, I’ve only read bits and pieces of his book, but for a very good reason…it’s just been released! Actually, it’s not even officially been released (the official release date is 05/25), but it’s already live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, so I wanted to be sure to tell you about Rick Chesler before the ink even has time to dry! Yes, I haven’t read his new book “Wired Kingdom” yet…but the little bit that I have definitely has me excited about it! I’ve already placed my order for his book and can’t wait to dive deep into the mystery and intrigue that Rick’s cooked up for us. And I know you’ll want to be part of the action too…which is why I’m sharing him with you tonight.

Wired Kingdom is Rick’s debut novel…and what a way to make an entrance. Taking the classic “witness to a murder” story to a whole new level, Rick has created a yarn so original and rich…detailed and scientifically accurate, those who love Crichton or Cussler will sure to love this one too!

Here’s basically what the book’s about:

When a Blue Whale tagged with a web-cam as part of a television nature program broadcasts a brutal murder at sea, an FBI agent with a fear of water finds herself in a deadly race to reach the animal before an unknown killer can destroy the digital evidence it carries. For Special Agent Tara Shores, the many possible suspects each present obstacles as unique and perilous as the sea itself. Is the murderer one of the web viewers vying for the controversial reality show’s million-dollar prizes? The extremist environmental group threatening violence unless the whale is liberated from its high-tech tracking device? The wealthy Hollywood power-couple who own the show? Or the troubled, young inventor of the whale-cam? And just who was the beautiful woman slaughtered live on the web?

Navigating an ocean of manipulation and deceit, the detective’s best hope for a solid piece of evidence is the original murder video, still attached to the back of the 100-ton creature which roams the Pacific tethered to its electronic leash. But when the tag’s GPS locator mysteriously fails, it seems that finding the beast will prove impossible. As the Special Agent dives deeper into the case, what she initially dismisses as a publicity stunt for the glitzy reality series soon sweeps her out to sea in a riptide of greed, sex, and high-tech crime.

Here’s what other authors are saying about Wired Kingdom!


A whale of a tale by first-time author Rick Chesler involving modern-day pirates, media moguls, and a sexy federal agent — all chasing a cetacean-mounted camcorder and the crucial piece of evidence needed to resolve a murder.” — Steve Alten, NY Times bestselling author of GRIM REAPER and MEG

WIRED KINGDOM is a fast-paced thriller that is one third deep-sea adventure, one third FBI sleuthing and one third awesome. A superb debut novel and killer concept.” — Jeremy Robinson, author of PULSE and INSTINCT.

Recently, I had a chance to talk to Rick about Wired Kingdom, as well as his career, interests, and passions. Here’s what he had to say!
1) What can you tell us about Wired Kingdom? What’s it about?

First of all, Kent, thanks a lot for having me as a guest on your blog!

Wired Kingdom is my debut thriller novel, about a blue whale tagged with a web-cam that broadcasts a murder at sea.

2) Why a whale? What gave you the idea to use a whale for a murder witness? What’s the overall inspiration for the story?

In one of my early concept sketches of the story I actually had the web-cam on a shark, but then I thought it would be more interesting to place the emphasis of danger on the person committing the murder—on people in general, rather than on the animal itself who is simply a witness going about its own life. But I still wanted it to be a formidable beast should one be forced to contend with it, not a penguin or something like that (lol). Eventually, after doing research on actual wildlife tracking projects, I came up with the idea of a whale, and not just any whale, but the largest whale of all—in fact the biggest animal ever to have lived– the blue whale.

Also, because the whale’s cam broadcasts to the Internet, the real witnesses are the web viewers who are watching the whale’s live video feed.

3) From the blurbs and the book’s trailer, I have a feeling your protagonist is going to be interesting. Can you describe the character for us? Inspiration for the character? Interesting quirks or traits? Fears?

The ocean makes FBI Special Agent Tara Shores uncomfortable, partly because of a traumatic childhood and partly because she’s smart enough to recognize and respect its raw, vast power and enigmatic complexity. In the sea, she will always see part of herself. Here’s a couple of lines from the book:

“In an agency of professionals skilled at uncovering things about people, Shores herself had proven tough to figure out. At times she was a stubborn, by-the-book agent, while on other occasions she was fiercely . . . innovative… Tara had built a reputation for closing cases—including highly dangerous cases—and closing them fast.”

4) When you’re not writing, what can you be found doing? What do you do for a living? For fun? How might these things have influenced Wired Kingdom?

My day job is as a research assistant at the National Marine Fisheries Service. My degree in marine science led to this position, but it also inspired me to explore environmental topics in the form of fast-paced science thrillers that are well researched with regard to story-hinging technical and scientific details.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling and scuba diving with my wife. I first got certified to dive in the early ‘80s on Catalina Island in California, which is where part of the action in Wired Kingdom is set.

5) Who are your favorite authors and how have they influenced your writing?

I’ve always been a huge fan of thrillers, particularly technothrillers, suspense and action-adventure, and especially those with some kind of environmental or scientific aspect. Crichton, Cussler, and Clancy have been longtime staples for me, along with scores of others.

6) Can you tell us anything about the experience getting this book published? Ups and downs? Difficulties you had? If any aspiring writers are out there reading this, what would you like to say to them?

I faced the same difficulties that most writers go through. Struggling to write something you even like yourself, then polishing it to the point where you think other people might like it, then trying to get publishing professionals to take a look at it, and finally promoting it…Every writer will have their own unique road to publication—some of the signposts will be the same, but the road itself will be different, and it will probably be long and winding and without any gas stations. Mine had a lot of wild animals on it that refused to let me pass until I fed them or found a way around.

My advice to aspiring writers would be to create something that you find truly fascinating—write the book you’ve always wanted to read, in your own style and voice. Publishing is a slow moving business, and you’ll need the confidence at one time or another (probably more than one time) that what you’ve written is worth staying the course. Don’t look to other people for this confidence—seek it from within. If you’ve read widely within your genre or area, then you should, with enough practice, be able to write the story you’ve always wanted to read but that hasn’t yet been written. That’s the story that one day will introduce your writing to the world. For me, that story is Wired Kingdom. Happy reading!

So, you’ve now heard about Rick Chesler and “Wired Kingdom” and I dare say, you’ll be hearing a LOT more about him in the coming years. Do yourself a favor…go order his brand new novel today! You’ll be glad you did.


And of course, you can find out much more about Rick and his book at his website: http://rickchesler.com/

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