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Tonight’s featured author, Catherine Patton, has probably one of the most unique books I’ve talked about so far…definitely the most imaginative in my opinion. Mixing history, mythology, ancient legends, paranormal phenonmenon, and scientifically-based principles all together to create a novel that seems to be a blend between a classic science-type thriller and the most epic of fantasies.

I’ve only recently met Catherine and thus, heard about this book, but I can tell you that I can’t wait to get my hands on it and devour its pages. It seems to have everything…the Bermuda Triangle, the Atlantis Legend, mythological creatures like gryphons and mermaids, and a classic fantasy quest! But I don’t want to spoil the fun. Take a look at the back cover copy and see what the book is about for yourself.


History says a highly advanced species of man known as Homo Erectus Soloensis walked the Earth until its extinction 50,000 years ago.

Mythology says the nation of Atlantis died in 1627 BCE when the volcano on Thera erupted, sending the advanced culture to the bottom of the Calypso Deep located in the Ionian Basin of the Aegean Sea.

Legend says the Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary area in the Atlantic Ocean where the mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships can be attributed to the lingering technology of Atlantis.

What if they were right—and wrong—at the same time?

Piper MacGillivray’s yacht takes an unexpected detour into the Bermuda Triangle, and she finds herself shipwrecked in a world that isn’t supposed to exist. Stranded, she must find four missing seals that will keep the island from dying. If she succeeds, she will save the last descendants of Atlantis from destruction.

In a world where mythical animals and genetically created beings exist, every day is a struggle to keep them from a cataclysm where there will be no survivors.

Welcome to Endria

Where History, Mythology, and Legend collide…

Here’s what other authors are saying about Catherine Patton and THE ATLANTIS SEALS:

“THE ATLANTIS SEALS by Catherine Patton is a high flying adventure into an amazing realm hidden within the Bermuda Triangle. It will have you turning pages and losing sleep as you read into the night, devouring this mix of modern, ancient, and fantasy worlds.” — Jeremy Robinson, author of Instinct and Pulse.

“Reading THE ATLANTIS SEALS is like flying a gryphon – grab tight, hold on, and enjoy the world of Endria as it rushes by in a rich tapestry of fantastic people, unique creatures, and intricate cultures. Patton carries her readers into the heart the Bermuda Triangle and let’s them swirl in the whirlpool of her imagination.” — Phil McGrail, author of Daughter of Statues.

Recently, I was able to talk to Catherine about her books, writing and general, and plans for the future books. Here’s what she had to say:

1) Tell us a little about “The Atlantis Seals”. In your own words, how would you describe this book for anyone who’d never heard of it?

The Atlantis Seals is a modern day fantasy adventure story about an island inside the Bermuda Triangle called Endria. It’s where the last descendants of Atlantis live and where the mythical Greek creatures like dragons, gryphons and mermaids were created. Endria is protected by a magnetic field that keeps it hidden from our world but Endria is dying.

Piper MacGillivray and her friends find themselves shipwrecked in Endria and that’s where Piper finds out that not only is she a descendant of the Atlanteans, but that she has to find the four missing Seals that generate Endria’s barrier and then find a way home. No one knows where the seals are, Endria has maybe two years left, one of her friends is the war bringer, and everywhere Jocelyn goes, death and destruction follow. To make matters worse, Piper is falling in love not only with Endria, but with Phineas – her 141 year old accidental husband who married her to save her life.

2) It sounds as though you have combined elements of an adventure/science thriller with the classic fantasy motif. Tell us, what was the inspiration for this story? How did it evolve into the book that it is today?

TAS began because I was wondering what it would be like to fly a gryphon. I happened to be staring at my goose Findley – he moults in the winter and uses too much energy to stay warm, so he’s moved into a pen in the cellar – and I thought what a great shape his head is. His head and personality helped to shape the character Taygel who is my Prime Gryphon in the book. Taygel needed a rider and Phineas came about – made up of all the things I find attractive in men – and Phin needed a love interest – enter our heroine. Everything after that came from the muse Calliope who treats me like a lowly scribe. I don’t create the story, the characters do their thing and I chronicle their doings. I tried controlling the characters once, they laughed at me. 🙂

When it came to the world of Endria – I chose to use ancient, ancient history, and mythology, to explain where everything came from and how it survived to 2010. Someone had to have seen a gryphon or a dragon to create the mythologies of them. We hunted them down to extinction. But in Endria they survived. I even went as far back as Homo Soloensis to explain the longevity of Endrians, where the Atlanteans came from, and threw in a bit of genetic engineering to make it all possible. It just all worked.

3) Your website reveals that Endria, the world you’ve created, is very intrinsic and detailed. You’ve created an island with its own geological formations, climate, cultures, and animals. Can you tell us a bit of the process of world building for your book?
World building for Endria. Hmmm … Did you ever see the Farside cartoon of God as a kid with the science kit? That’s what it felt like. I tried drawing it by hand. What a joke. I’m a stick figure artist. I was able to get Endria’s outline by letting my hand go wherever. After that it was purchasing some software and spending a lot of hours learning them. The island was created using Campaign Cartographer 3 – a british non windows based program. That was fun. My characters are created using Daz3d – Piper is 39 layers of subprograms or models – to create her look, and then everything is dropped into Photoshop for post production cleanup.

Creating Endria took many long hours, and a lot of swearing, before I got the look I wanted. The swearing usually came about because I couldn’t do something I could see in my head, or because I forgot to save something. lol As far as why something went where on the island, I let the story and the characters tell me what to create. Three white boards in my office were the draft boards for what culture went with what city followed by a lot of historical reading on ancient cultures.

Above all Endria had to have a tropical feel but had to be isolated from our world. Hence no reliance on fossil fuels, different food sources, different power sources (all of them naturally occurring) – all these elements helped me create the look and feel of Endria both in written form and on the map.

4) What are your major influences (literary, TV, movies, etc.) that has helped shape this highly imaginative yarn?

I don’t have cable – but rely heavily on dvd’s for entertainment. My favorite show is Farscape. I liked that the creators stretched their imaginations and made it work. As a kid, I loved mythology and the unusual things about the world. But mostly, Endria came about because I wanted a story about the Bermuda Triangle that wasn’t a horror or documentary. At book signings that’s the first thing people ask me when they hear TAS is about the Bermuda Triangle and seem intrigued enough to buy the book when I tell them it’s a fantasy. I wanted to change the stigma of that legendary place and give people a feel good book at the same time.

Making it an epic story was not my intention, it just came out that way. Surprisingly, as a reader, I don’t like sci-fi or fantasy stories. In book form, I prefer action thrillers. I can’t get enough of them. On screen -tv and silver – I don’t like suspense but enjoy sci fi and fantasy. LOTR was great on the screen – I want to lay a foundation for a shed with the book. The Dune books were great at the beginning but I’m struggling with the last one.

I guess I have ecclectic tastes when it comes to the world. If it interests me and I can use it, I do. If not … well, it’s dumped as cosmic navel lint.

5) What are some projects you might be working on now or can be looking forward to reading in the future? Any sequels planned? Any books outside the Endria world?

Currently I’m working on book 2 of Endria. I’m thinking it’s going to be a 4-5 book series – depending on how long it takes Piper to find the seals and save Endria. After Endria, there is another project that begins in a small Wisconsin town … I’m not saying anymore … yet. 🙂

6) If there was one thing you would want my readers to know about you as a person or as a writer, what would it be?

I am having so much fun with Endria and I think it shows in the story. I think that as an author, you have to enjoy the worlds you create. If you don’t, if you don’t have fun with your work, your readers feel it and won’t enjoy it either. Me, personally, I’m just the lowly scribe. I sit at my desk creating Endria as I’m told to … every now and again I’m let out for bread and water and sunlight. It’s summer so Findley is back in the barn, but a wounded chicken is recuperating in a dog kennel under my desk and on occasion she runs through the house with the dogs, dodging 12 paws, as she tries to keep up with me going from my office to the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s like Nascar for pets in the house, with the Nascar Cup being whatever tidbit comes out of the fridge … I was once told, “If it’s hurt, handicapped, or lost, it will find me.” And it’s taken in, recuperated, then set free.

They never leave though … Hmmm, I wonder why?

You can discover more about Catherine at her website: http://www.catherinepatton.com/index.html

You can purchase The Atlantis Seals in hardback by clicking here: http://www.amazon.com/Atlantis-Seals-Catherine-Patton/dp/0982632800/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1276125475&sr=8-1-spell

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