Let Me Introduce You To…Annette Sobolak

So, for two weeks in a row, I decided to feature a bone-chilling, edge of your seat, horror thriller. Hmmm…guess I’m just in that kind of mood. But definitely not disappointed to introduce you to tonight’s featured author…Annette Sobolak. Like so many authors I share with you guys, I first became familiar with Annette on Facebook. Such a pretty, unassuming girl with a bright smile and a warm heart…such a vast juxtaposition from the dark, chilling tale she’s spun for the fans of psychological horror fiction out there (I mean, just look at the cover! Uber-creepy, right?).

“The Last Saint”, Sobolak’s debut novel has only been out for a few months, but already has gripped readers by the throat and won’t let go. I’ve just recently purchased it from Amazon and waiting (very impatiently, mind you) to get here…so, I’ve been doing some digging and found a few reader reviews I thought I would share to help you make your mind up about this book. Here are some snippets of those reviews to consider:

“Unlike some other thrillers where there’s some downtime throughout the story, The Last Saint never misses a beat by keeping the reader fully engaged and wanting more.” ~ Mark S. (New York)

“Just when you thought you understood all the characters and predicted the outcome, the next chapter just proves you’re wrong. I could not put this book down. I had to know what happened next with Mariella and then in the end, I still felt queasy and unsettled.” ~ Melissa (New York, NY)

“Right from the first pages of the novel I was hooked and I ended up finishing the book in one night.” ~ Kam Aures (RebeccasReads.com)

Ah, but Kent…you might be saying…we still have no clue what “The Last Saint” is about! Well, here’s the product description taken from Amazon:

After spending her whole childhood fighting her father’s claim that she was born in evil, Mariella thought she had set up the perfect life with the perfect husband and perfect children. One night, when her husband Dominic comes home covered in blood, Mariella’s life changes forever. Triggered by the traumatic event, she plunges into a terrifying psychological decline that threatens her life as well the lives of her family. With her family oblivious to her declining state, can her long lost sister Helen reach out to her before it’s too late?

The press release for the book goes on to say: “The Last Saint” whets the thriller reader’s appetite as they experience a seemingly perfect housewife come apart at the seams to reveal a psychologically disturbing core. Finally accepting her doomed fate, Mariella starts down a path of self-destruction and is determined to take her family down with her.

Definitely sounds chilly and absolutely cannot wait to dive in head first into this twisty roller-coaster ride into a cracked mind.

Recently, I talked to Annette about her book, her passion for writing, and her future. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Tell us about your newest book “The Last Saint” in your own words. What’s it about?

It’s about a woman who’s been fighting a curse of evil since birth. She struggles to battle it, though, and thinks she’s beaten it by creating this perfect family and perfect life – until the night her husband comes home covered in blood, shattering her delicate hold on sanity. It causes her to spiral into a terrifying psychological downfall that everyone else is oblivious to and powerless to stop.

2. My readers are always interested in hearing where the inspiration for books come from…what gave you the idea for such a chilling tale?

The news has always been a good source of inspiration – articles about why a man suffering from PTSD decided to walk into a McDonald’s and shoot everyone; why a woman suffering from severe postpartum depression kills her children; how an abusive childhood can turn someone into a future serial killer. Psychological and mental illnesses have always fascinated me.

3. When did you first become interested in writing and why? What would you say is the greatest aspect of writing a book?

As soon as I learned how to read and write, I was hooked. I love the ability to turn my thoughts and images into words and share it with those who have the same passion for writing and storytelling as I do.

4. What are your biggest influences (literary, TV, movies, etc.)? What do you feel you draw from most when you’re writing a novel?

When I was about three years old, I wandered into my living room where my father was watching “Friday the 13th”. I remember literally opening my mouth to ask him a question but froze when I saw Jason chasing someone through the woods. It fascinated me that someone in a hockey mask could have that kind of psychological power (despite the fact he was welding a machete) over people and strike so much fear. I LOVED the idea. My main objective is to write about horror that actually exists – mass murderers, psychotic serial killers, the disgruntled housewife-gone-mad. To me, that type of horror is all the more blood chilling because it actually exists in today’s world.

5. What’s in store for the future of Annette Sobolak fans? What can they be looking forward to next?

I’m already working on my next book, tentatively titled “Carpool”. I got the inspiration while commuting 2 ½ hours to Los Angeles every day and being stuck in traffic while the carpool lane always remained open and free. My main character gets the idea to “hire” a local wino to act as his passenger so he can commute in the carpool lane back and forth to work. The arrangement works out well – until the wino turns on him and tries to rob him. My main character kills the wino in self-defense, but it ignites his taste for murder. And what happens next…well, you’ll have to wait to find out!

6. If there was one thing you wanted my readers to know about you or “The Last Saint”, what would it be?

If you’re the type of person who slows down to get a good look at the eight car pileup on the highway, or who turns up the volume when they see a body bag displayed on the 8 o’clock news to find out what happened (guilty!), then you’ll definitely love my work.

I truly hope you all will check out Annette’s book. And if you want any more information on her, The Last Saint, or her future books, check out her website at http://www.annettesobolak.com/Home_Page.html.

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