Let Me Introduce You To…well, Seven Realms Publishing

Okay. I have two things to apologize for. First, sorry I’m late with this post. I was getting my act together on it and a little busy at work to boot, so it’s been a little tricky finding time to write. Second, I’m going to apologize in advance for the self-promotion this particular post is going to appear to be. I say “appear to be” because I think that if you read through it, you’ll find that’s not really the case at all. It will be chock full of great information about my publishing company, Seven Realms and the new direction we’re going to be taking from now on. Anyone who has followed this blog for any amount of time will know that I rarely ever talk about myself, my own books, or anything of that nature. This blog is pretty much geared for me introducing you to some of the best well-known and up-and-coming authors out there. Today, just for a bit, I hope you’ll indulge me this one time.
For those of you just tuning in, let me start by telling you a bit about 7R. We are a relatively new company that started with a vision…to provide the very best fiction we can possibly find in any of the seven genres (or “realms”) that we publish: action/adventure, sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, suspense/thriller, contemporary paranormal, romance, and Christian. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it’s a bit more complicated than it sounds. Because when we say “the best”…we really mean it. We dedicated ourselves to only publishing books that we are absolutely 100 % on fire for. If we’re not excited about it, we can’t expect readers to be either. And I can proudly say that in the seven short months, we have already found (and published) some really amazing pieces of fiction.

Before I share these great discoveries with you, I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you about the future of Seven Realms Publishing! Some great changes are afoot at the realms and we’re very excited about them. The biggest change of all, and the one that will becoming the defining crown of our company, in my opinion, will be that we’re going to begin shaping 7R into a more family friendly publishing company. Most publishing companies publish a wide variety of books and you never really know what you’re going to get from one book to the next. With 7R, that will change. As we proceed with our titles, you will know that you or your teenager or even your 80 year old grandma will be able to pick up one of our books without fear of embarrassment over an awkward word or scene. You will know exactly what kind of quality fiction you’ll be getting from us. That doesn’t mean that all our titles are going to be for kids…it just means that the majority of our titles will have more of a PG or PG 13 feel. If you think that will make our books boring, think again! Remember “The Goonies” (one of the greatest movies of all time in my opinion!)? Indiana Jones? Star Wars? All these movies are PG/PG 13 and are totally kick butt awesome! So expect the same from our titles from now on as well.

We, at Seven Realms, just feel that there is a vacuum in the world of entertainment…a moral vacuum that hinders families from having fun together. We want to bridge that gap. We want to be able to offer books that can be shared among every member of the family with confidence and spark great discussions while sitting around the living room. We want to take great pride in our books and that can only start if we feel absolutely comfortable with sharing them with anyone and everyone we come in contact with.

Now, let me share some of our great books with you now.

Survivor’s Affair by Rick Nichols
A great, fun hard boiled detective story in every sense of the genre. Mixing elements of mystery with the intrigue of an espionage thriller, the first book in the John Logan series is packed with car chases, shootouts, good looking women, and just a really cool hero. Personally, it reminds me a lot of the TV show Burn Notice, but that isn’t to give you the impression that there’s nothing new here. You’ll find the John Logan stories to be highly addictive and you’ll definitely be looking forward to the next book in the series coming out next year! For now, you can find Survivor’s Affair on Amazon.com or BN.com, as well as the Kindle, Nook, and other ebook formats through Smashwords!

The Adventures of Dodge Dalton in the Shadow of Falcon’s Wings by Sean Ellis

No offense to Rick or any of our other authors…or quite frankly any author who is writing any books today for that matter…Sean Ellis’ “Dodge Dalton” is one of my all time favorite books of the decade. I can’t put it any simpler than that. Drawing heavily from the old pulp heroes and movie serials of the 1930s, Dodge Dalton is action-adventure story of the highest caliber. Complete with flying saucers, jet packs, mad scientists, and a cast of highly diverse, but extremely fun characters, Dodge is just fun for anyone who loves a great popcorn romp with explosions and high-octane energy. Dodge will be released this month and will be available where ever books are sold online (or you can always order it directly from your favorite local book store too!).

Misty Johnson, Supernatural Dick: Capitol Hell by Rich Steeves

Don’t let the name fool you! This book is super cool and I can’t wait to introduce you to this awesome (seemingly immortal) private detective that can kick the fangs right out of any vampire, zombie, werewolf, golem, or necromancer around. Misty Johnson is just a fun, roller coaster ride of a urban fantasy. Lots of humor, action, adventure…and one really cool heroine. If you enjoy the adventures of Harry Dresden in Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files or Simon Canderous in Anton Strout’s books…you will love Misty Johnson and will find yourself agreeing whole-heartedly with her partner as he keeps telling her that she really needs to get a new moniker! Coming soon!

A Knight of Silence by Candace Bowen Early
A romance novel set in the Middle Ages and one to heat up every romance lover’s reading chair! A Knight of Silence follows a fantastically original heroine. The story goes like this: Nineteen year-old Mistress Reina of Kenwick knows a lot about adversity. Deaf from a childhood illness, she is about to be banished to a convent by her cold and distant father. But in a battle between love and loyalty, Baron Fulke of Erlegh and his courageous band of knights enact a plan that will either free Reina from the king’s grip or see all of them executed for treason in A Knight of Silence. Coming Soon!

And finally, there’s my own book:

Primal Thirst (An ENIGMA Directive Novel) by J. Kent Holloway

Well, here’s the biggest piece of shameful self-promotion in this entire blog post…lol…but I wanted to make sure you were aware of it. Primal Thirst is just a fun adventure story that follows a wisecracking cryptozoologist who travels the world in search of some of the scariest cryptids (or monsters) on the planet. In this particular book, the hero travels to Malaysia to rescue a beautiful missionary and her village from a pack of blood-thirsty creatures called cryptids. Loaded with humor and action, this book was inspired by the SyFy Channel’s reality TV show “Destination Truth.” If you love X-Files, Indiana Jones, or Destination Truth…you’ll love this book (in my humble opinion!). 

And just so you know, I’m hard at work on the sequel entitled Sirens’ Song…which I hope to be releasing later this year!

But all these things aren’t the end of the changes…I’ve got one major project I’m currently working on that will change the face of Seven Realms forever! Some thing big and exciting for a certain large section of our population that are deprived of some quality fiction. I can’t tell you much about it now…but soon, I’ll be sharing the details in all their wondrous glory! I promise. But for now, I hope you’ll check out our books as they are released. I hope you’ll tell your family and friends about us. Share us with your Facebook and Myspace friends. Talk us up. We’re working hard to put a smile on your face while maintaining a strong commitment to integrity and family values. I hope you’ll join us!

You can learn more about Seven Realms here: http://www.sevenrealmspublishing.com/

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  1. Way to step up to the plate, Kent. I don't have a problem with the, shall we say, 'more mature' books. But lately, more and more books are getting filled with gratuitous and unnecessary stuff that attempt to take the place of a real story. Can't wait to see what you have in store!

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