Let Me Introduce You To…SHORT STORIES

So I was thinking. I have a lot of friends who are fantastic writers. They’ve written tons of novels. Many have published articles in magazines, journals, blogs, and newspapers. But I’m sure there are plenty of them who have short stories or plan to write some that are just itchin’ to be read! Well, I’ve decided to do something about that!
From now on, this blog will alternate between my regular author introductions and posting a different short story by a different author. Expect anything and everything. Sci-fi. Fantasy. Action. Adventure. Maybe even a little romance. These stories are sure to capture you imagination and not let go ’til the thrill ride is over!
I’m really excited about this. Can’t wait to see what my friends come up with. But one thing is sure…it’ll be a way fun ride!
Now…for some details for my author friends. Some “rules”, so to speak. Though this is a personal website and not officially sanctioned by Seven Realms Publishing, many of the same standards will apply to your submissions. While I won’t be picking and choosing which stories are posted like I would select a book for publication, my convictions are still the same. They’re part of me and I ask that you respect them.
By this I mean two simple things:
  1. Please limit cursing to a bare minimum. I would prefer your stories to have zero cuss words in them…but if they have a couple of the less abrasive ones, I’ll be good with that.
  2. Also, no explicit sex scenes. There are plenty of erotica-type short story sites you can submit your work if that’s your cup of tea. But KENTHOLLOWAYONLINE is family friendly…and I’d sort of like to keep it that way.
Oh, one more thing…above ALL else, I ask that you send fun and adventurous stories! If you haven’t noticed by the majority of my Author Introductions (or the books we publish at 7R), I’m not really all that interested in literary fiction or stories that tug at the heart string. I like explosions. Good guys vs. bad guys. I like monsters and vampires (though not the sparkly kind!) and treasure hunts. I honestly don’t care what genre it is…I’d just like to be thoroughly entertained as I read a story and heart warming coming of age sagas honestly just don’t do that for me.
That’s it. Other than those few little things, the sky’s the limit. Be creative. Have fun. Use this as a way to promote your published books. I’ll be sure to add a link to your website and/or product at the end of each story. All I ask in return is that you share this page with as many people as you can.
Now for a few legal matters. First of all…copyright. If you’ve been an author for any amount of time, you should know by now that the moment pen hits paper (or finger hits keyboard), your work is protected. It’s copyrighted. It’s safe. Second, by posting to this website, you still have full rights to your work. KENTHOLLOWAYONLINE has no rights to the work at all (though we do reserve the right to refuse to post the short story). I only say these things because I wanted to nip potential issues in the bud immediately. This is for fun and it’s for promotion. I’d rather not add to the zillion other things I already have going on so I’d rather not have to deal with contracts, agreements, etc. Nor will I do any editing (other than reading over to make sure the two rules I mentioned above are honored).
Anyway, all that dull and boring legaleze aside…are you interested? Then contact me either on Facebook or email at kholloway@sevenrealmspublishing.com. Be sure to type “Blog Short Story” in the subject heading so I’ll know exactly what your email is about. Oh, and by the way…you don’t have to be a published author to participate (thought this is mainly for them). If you’ve just written a short story you’d like to share…let me know.
Other than that…have fun! Can’t wait to read your stuff and share it with the world!

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