Hey guys! I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure you’re aware of a fantastic celebration that Seven Realms Publishing is having even as we speak. Here’s the deal. I’m a huge fan of movies (hold on…I’ll get to what this has to do with books in a minute. lol). I love all kinds of movies. The action-adventures. The superhero movies. Sci-Fi. You name, I like it. But here’s the thing…bigger is not always better. Many of these multi-million dollar movies being produced just plain stink! That’s why I have a very soft spot for indie films. Not the weird foreign ones where goats talk backwards while a clown rides a tricycle standing on his head. But the indie films that are fun, exciting, and highly original. Movies like Clerks or the Evil Dead series or Cemetery Man or Shallow Grave, Curdled, and on and on. These movies are brilliant, often times, because they WEREN’T produced by a big time studio with a bunch of numbskulled executives trying to “fix” things that don’t need fixing. I also have a friend who feels the same way about music. The more indie the garage band is, the more he loves their music.
Well, indie films and music have become very respectable in our society today. They’re not avoided like they used to be. Heck…most are receiving huge awards! So, I got to thinking…why haven’t indie books garnered the same amount of respect? Why aren’t there hordes of indie book lovers out there (actually, there are…but they’re a quiet bunch…must be because they’re reading all the time). And I realized…it’s because people are unaware of many of these fantastic authors and books. Or…they think that because they are “indie”, they must be bad. After all…if the book isn’t good enough to land a “real” publisher, then something must be wrong with it.
Okay, I have news for you…that’s not true any more. Sure, there are some really really bad indie books out there. Poorly written. Horribly edited. Book covers a mother would have a hard time complimenting. But there is a growing breed of author…a breed of incredibly talented and skilled writers out there that have chosen to pursue their writing dream as an independent for various reasons: more control of the product, more direct revenue, etc. The one thing that these authors don’t have that the big publishing house authors do…exposure and a marketing budget.
That’s why I spend so much time on this blog trying to introduce you guys to some of these great authors. Granted, I haven’t read every author that I’ve featured. I can’t say that every single one of them have written fantastic books…really, that’s in the eye of the beholder. We all like different things and enjoy different styles (if I told you some of the big name authors that I can’t stand and personally think write horribly, you’d probably keel over from an aneurysm!). We just have different likes. That’s why I try to show a variety of different authors from a variety of different backgrounds and genres. I’ve had some HUGE name authors on here. And I’ve had some that are just starting out. But when it’s all said and done, it’s because I want to give an opportunity to everyone for some exposure.
That’s why, for the months of November and December, Seven Realms Publishing is honoring the tenacity and dedication of indie authors everywhere by posting links to their books on our website. We have 33 authors listed on a special page for you to take a look at. Read the summary about the book. Click on the links. Buy copies of their books. And maybe…just maybe…discover a NEW FAVORITE AUTHOR in the process!
And to top it all off…if you email me in the space provided on the page and tell me which book you’ve purchased, your name will be entered to win a set of some really awesome books (you’ll be able to choose your picks from a pool). But you have to do a couple of things in order to win these books. First, you have to go to the website ( Next, you have to buy a book. And then, you have to let me know what book you bought. But you have to act fast…the last day to be entered into the contest is THIS WEDNESDAY, November 24. At 11:59 PM EST, the contest will end and I’ll announce the winners.
 But if you don’t care about winning free books, don’t worry…these links will remain up all the way through Christmas. So maybe you can get some Christmas shopping done…and in the process, you’ll be supporting a great community of indie authors. So, go on…help an author out! And let all your friends know about it too!
By the way, be sure to come back here this Wednesday for a fantastic new author I’ll be featuring. Just discovered him this week and am absolutely loving his books!

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