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So, it’s been a little over a year since I started this blog and I have had the privilege of featuring some amazingly talented authors and awesome books. I just can’t believe how many great books I’ve been able to introduce you to and feel honored to have been able to do so. So, as I was reflecting on this week’s blog, I began thinking about all those who have come before…and the books they have released since first being featured on this page. And I realized…I needed to update you guys on what’s been happening in the writing careers of these writers. What’s more…I needed to share with you some brand new books that had either been released since I featured them or will be released within the next few months. Now, keep in mind…there’s no way I can go back through all the great authors I’ve interviewed…so I’m going to give you just a little sprinkle of goodness for your reading pleasure. Then, a bit later on, I’ll share some more updates. 

So, to keep this post as short as possible with the sheer amount of info I’m going to provide, let’s get started without further ado!


Our first author, Anton Strout, is personally one of my favorites and I absolutely can NOT wait for this book. It is the fourth book in the Simon Canderous  urban fantasy novels and is called DEAD WATERS. 
As I said, the Simon Canderous novels are urban fantasies featuring a former thief-turned-agent of the D.E.A., or the Department of Extraordinary Affairs…a clandestine police agency in New York City charged with battling all sorts of supernatural baddies!
(NOTE: What I’m going to do throughout this post is just list the name of the author, the new or upcoming book, release date, description, and then a link to where you can buy it!)

Dead Waters (A Simon Canderous Novel)
Feb. 22, 2011

Simon Canderous, of the Department of Extraordinary Affairs, is used to fighting vampires and zombies. But the strange murder of a professor has everyone stumped. And it’s making some people crazy. Literally.



Perhaps more than the Anton Strout novel, this next book is the one that I’m the MOST excited about. Bestselling author and all around good guys, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are just about to release the first book of a brand new series! The Gideon Crew series…and though I’m a HUGE fan of Agent Pendergast, their new protagonist seems even more amazing. Here’s the scoop!

Gideon’s Sword

Feb. 22, 2011

At twelve, Gideon Crew witnessed his father, a world-class mathematician, accused of treason and gunned down.

At twenty-four, summoned to his dying mother’s bedside, Gideon learned the truth: His father was framed and deliberately slaughtered. With her last breath, she begged her son to avenge him.

Now, with a new purpose in his life, Gideon crafts a one-time mission of vengeance, aimed at the perpetrator of his father’s destruction. His plan is meticulous, spectacular, and successful.

But from the shadows, someone is watching. A very powerful someone, who is impressed by Gideon’s special skills. Someone who has need of just such a renegade.

For Gideon, this operation may be only the beginning . . .



Our next author is a good friend of mine…Rick Chesler…who released his debut thriller novel last year called WIRED KINGDOM. His first book featured a whale, tagged with a camera for use in a webcast, that witnesses a murder on the high seas and the female FBI agent who is tasked with investigating the entire affair. A highly inventive premise to say the least. Well, Rick’s been busy. He’s already got the next book in the series ready to go with KiDNApped.
March 1, 2011

When a renowned scientist with a solution for global warming is kidnapped at sea, FBI Special Agent Tara Shores unravels a high-tech trail of S.O.S. messages encoded into the DNA of living cells. As each decoded message brings Tara nearer to a band of corporate biopirates, she comes one step closer to uncovering the ultimate truth about the scientist’s dysfunctional family.

Right now, there’s no cover image or link to where you can get it, but I promise…when it comes out, I’ll be letting you know about it! Sounds like a fantastic story!
Last year, I introduced you to Don Hoesel and his archaeological adventure thriller ELISHA’S BONES…honestly, one of my favorite books I’ve ever featured here. It’s just that much fun to read! Well, Don’s got a brand new book coming out in April called THE ALARMISTS. Here’s a bit of a sneak peek!
The Alarmists
April, 2011

The 2012 phenomenon that’s going viral around the globe has led sociology professor Jameson Richards to study the impact on society when, like the Y2K scare, 12/21/12 comes and goes with hardly a wrinkle. This is the date that, according to the Mayan calendar, the doomsayers predict the world will end. Richards teams up with General Michaels, a scientist stationed at the Pentagon whose job it is to monitor the world’s fanatics, keeping an eye out for potential terrorists. Together they uncover something sinister going on beneath the surface, linked to billionaire and media mogul Jeremy Maxwell, who also happens to be a huge manufacturer of weapons systems. The 2012 date has captured Maxwell’s attention too, and he’s looking to cash in on the public’s fear and paranoia. And what he instigates–along with his corrupt partners–nearly starts another war in the Middle East, while also bringing the world to its knees economically. It’s up to the professor/general team to blow the whistle on Maxwell, hopefully in time to avert a major catastrophe.


Sounds pretty cool, right?! 


Well, just so you don’t think this blog is completely testosterone driven, let’s change pace just a bit. A months ago, I introduced you to Stacey Kennedy and her paranormal romance series “The Magical Sword”. Well, guess what…she’s got a brand new book in the series available! Here’s some details. (And yes…totally have the hots for the model on the cover! ha!)

First and Last (The Magical Sword Book Four)
Jan. 14, 2011

One woman, one bond, one final battle … can even Nexi Jones defeat the deepest darkness of evil?

Meet Nexi Jones—Witch, Guardian and now, Lady of the Underworld. Embracing her new role, Nexi begins the task of changing a world led by darkness. But not everyone is happy to see her rise to power. Before long, a resistance within the Underworld is forming.
As the darkness begins to close in around her, Nexi’s magical abilities flourish in response—forcing Nexi to dig down deeper into her past to discover this source and why she was gifted with such incredible strength.
With her Guardian, Kyden by her side, Nexi will meet her greatest challenge yet as she begins to discover that fate might have been a bitch, but she was a bitch with a plan.



Now Jeremy Robinson was the very first author I ever featured on this blog. And I would have to say, he’s probably one of the hardest working writers out there…as the next three books I’m going to share will attest. The guy is a writing machine! But the machine can put out some QUALITY books, let me tell you. I first became a fan of Jeremy’s after reading his sea monster tale called KRONOS. After that, I was thoroughly hooked. Last time, I think I told you about two books of his…PULSE (Book 1 of the Jack Sigler Thrillers) and BENEATH (a stand alone sci-fi thriller). Well, true to his nature, Jeremy’s been really busy since then. So, here are some new (and upcoming) books of his that you should totally check out!

Instinct (A Jack Sigler Thriller, book 2)

When the President of the United States falls victim to a weaponised and contagious strain of genetic disease – one that kills its victims without warning or symptom – Special Forces commander Jake ‘King’ Sigler is on the case. He and his team of highly trained operators have been assigned to protect a CDC detective as she journeys to the source of the new strain: Vietnam’s Annamite Mountains. Surrounded by old landmines, harsh jungle terrain, and more than one military force not happy about the return of American boots to the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the fight for survival becomes a gruelling battle. Pursued by VPLA Death Volunteers, Vietnam’s Special Forces unit, the team’s fight through a maze of archaic ruins revels an ancient secret that may stop the disease from sweeping the globe – even as it threatens both the mission and their lives


The Last Hunter (Book 1 of the Antarktos Saga)
Currently available only in ebook

I’ve been told that the entire continent of Antarctica groaned at the moment of my birth. The howl tore across glaciers, over mountains and deep into the ice. Everyone says so. Except for my father; all he heard was Mother’s sobs. Not of pain, but of joy, so he says. Other than that, the only verifiable fact about the day I was born is that an iceberg the size of Los Angeles broke free from the ice shelf a few miles off the coast. Again, some would have me believe the fracture took place as I entered the world. But all that really matters, according to my parents, is that I, Solomon Ull Vincent, the first child born on Antarctica—the first and only Antarctican—was born on September 2nd, 1974.

If only someone could have warned me that, upon my return to the continent of my birth thirteen years later, I would be kidnapped, subjected to tortures beyond comprehension and forced to fight…and kill. If only someone had hinted that I’d wind up struggling to survive in a subterranean world full of ancient warriors, strange creatures and supernatural powers.

Had I been warned I might have lived a normal life. The human race might have remained safe. And the fate of the world might not rest on my shoulders. Had I been warned….

This is my story—the tale of Solomon Ull Vincent—The Last Hunter.


Threshold (A Jack Sigler Thriller, book 3)
Available March 29, 2011

After a terrorist attack on a reservation in Oregon leaves thousands dead, Jack Sigler, call sign King and his Chess Team— Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight—must protect the only survivor, thirteen year-old Fiona Lane.

But the attack is part of a larger offensive. Around the world the last speakers of ancient languages are being systematically exterminated. As they fight to find the mastermind behind the killings, the team is hunted by strange creatures that defy explanation—living statues, genetically modified monsters and walking megaliths—sent by an enemy from their past. If not stopped, he will be able to remake himself, and the world.

Jeremy Robinson’s third book in the Jack Sigler series is a rocket-powered thriller, combining high adrenaline action, smart science, ancient legends, and stunning locations.



Vampires are all the rage now and author Katie Salidas did an incredible job tackling the sizzling subject with her paranormal romance “Immortalis” series beginning with the first book called CARPE NOCTEM. Well, in November, she released the second book in the series called HUNTERS & PREY! Check it out!

Immortalis: Hunters and Prey
Nov 23, 2010

The exciting sequel to Immortalis Carpe Noctem.

Becoming a vampire saved Alyssa from death, but the price was high: the loss of everything and everyone attached to her mortal life. She’s still learning to cope when a surprise confrontation with Santino Vitale, the Acta Sanctorum’s most fearsome hunter, sends her fleeing back to the world she once knew, and Fallon, the friend she’s missed more than anything.

Alyssa breaks vampire law by revealing her new, true self to her old friend, a fact which causes strong division in the group that should support her most: her clan. Worse yet, her revelation entangles Fallon in the struggle between vampires and hunters and The Acta Sanctorum is ready to attack again, with a new army of hybrid creations: the Frenzy Soldiers.

If Alyssa hopes to survive and keep her mortal friend safe, she’ll have to be willing to make a deal with the enemy, and regain her clan’s support. It will take everyone working together in a precarious truce to fight against the Acta Sanctorum’s new threat.



And finally for this week, there’s the incredibly talented Steven Savile! When I featured him, he had just released his very first action-adventure thriller called SILVER. Since then, he has been involved in several collaborative efforts, as well as going back to his horror roots. For this update, I wanted to share one of his newest suspense novels, as well as a FREE e-book short story from his Ogmios Team series. Enjoy!

The Sufferers Song
Ebook only, available now

As a journalist, Kristy French is never going to win a Pulitzer while she’s at The Newcastle Gazette covering bake sales and town fêtes. A missing persons report could be about to change all that. As a novelist, Ben Shelton’s career’s over before it’s begun, he’s the proverbial one hit wonder. The two of them have never met, but they’re about to become the most important people in each other’s lives. It isn’t love. It’s survival.

Johnny Lisker and has friend Alex Slater are having a beer in the local a pub after Alex’s longtime girlfriend Beth broke his heart. It should be a quiet night. It isn’t. Johnny stabs a man. Suddenly he and Alex are on the run from the law and there’s no going back.

Just outside of the village of Westbrooke, disgraced American doctor, Brent Richards, is obsessed with playing the Devil. He has manufactured a strain of virus he calls N.E.S.T., one that effects the bodies’ pain threshold as well as its need for nourishment. The side effects include blisters along the mouth, rapid weight loss — and the insatiable need to feed.

Three people are missing. Murdered.

And the death toll is not about to stop rising.

Small towns are meant to be sleepy. Safe. They are not meant to be meat. Within a single week, Kristy, Ben and Westbrooke’s residents have the comfortable safety of their world torn out from under them. People they have known all their lives turn on them and no-one knows what is happening, why, or how to stop it.

There’s blood on the streets, and the suffering has only just begun.


Ghostkiller (An Ogmios Team Short Story)
Free in ebook at Smashwords.com

Noah Larkin is a damaged man. He isn’t a hero in the traditional sense. He doesn’t do the right thing. He gets into trouble because he lets his heart lead him there, but when your back’s against the wall he’s the best friend you could ever have. Just ask Margot. This is a self-inclusive short ripped from the pages of GOLD, follow up to SILVER, a thriller unmatched coming summer/fall 2011.


Well, honestly, that’s all the time (and room) we have for this update. There are so many more. I’d love to tell you about recent books by David Wood, Sean Ellis, John Fitch V, and several others (so be sure to check them out on Amazon!!)…but I think I’ve probably taken up more of your time here than you were willing to give. Before long, I’ll return with a whole shlew of updates…and of course, will keep introducing you to new and exciting authors!
In the meantime, let me ask two favors from you: 1) Please support these great authors buy seriously considering checking out their books and 2) be sure to ask your friends to follow this blog! Thank you!

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