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If you’ve been keeping tabs on my blog, today’s author really needs no introduction. I’ve featured him two or three times and honestly believe he’s one of the best new authors on the market today. I’m serious. I truly believe that. It’s why I’ve published a number of his books as a matter of fact…because I believe he will one day be a household name. At the very least, he’s become one of my personal favorite authors and I’ve become a huge fan in the year and a half that I’ve been reading and publishing his books. Who am I talking about? Well, none other than Sean Ellis…the author of three Seven Realms novels and one novella (and hopefully many more to come!). But since I’ve already introduced you to Sean and interviewed him a couple of times, I thought today, I’d let Sean speak for himself. I wanted him to reach out to you, my friends, and introduce himself. I wanted him to share with you what he has going on…what’s new and what’s in his future. 
But before we get to that, I would like to make sure you guys are aware that Sean’s latest book, THE ADVENTURES OF DODGE DALTON AT THE OUTPOST OF FATE, the second book in the Dodge Dalton series, is now available! I’m telling you…it was the first Dodge Dalton book that convinced me that Sean was an author to look out for. His latest excursion into the world of 1930s pulp action has cemented that belief. It’s that good. If you love adventure in its purest form, you have got to read Dodge Dalton. Here’s the book trailer for your consideration:
And here’s a link to Amazon (it’s also available on the Kindle and Nook, as well as various other ebook formats):

Now, here’s Sean to share with you what’s going on in his life and the world of action/adventure thrillers:
As Stan Lee might say, Greetings, True Believers!
In the past, I’ve used this as a forum to introduce some of the characters that populate my novels, and more generally to talk about the novels themselves, so chances are at least some of you already have at least a passing familiarity with my work.  Rather than plow the same field again, I thought I might take this opportunity to update everyone on what’s coming down the pike. 
Of course, I’m very excited about the release of The Adventures of Dodge Dalton at the Outpost of Fate.  This is the second of Dodge’s adventures, and takes our intrepid hero back to the Outpost he discovered in the first book.  Dodge and friends will take on a new villain and tangle with some old enemies, and much will be revealed.  I’m extremely proud of this novel, and based on early reviews, it may very well be my best book to date.   The next story in the series, tentatively titled The Adventures of Dodge Dalton on the High Road to Oblivion, is already a work in progress, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep to the established schedule of a new Dodge adventure every summer.
I say hopefully because there’s a lot on my plate right now.  I’m presently working on the third Nick Kismet novel (still wrestling with a title for that one) but I can reveal that it will take Kismet into territory that’s currently being explored by Capt. Jack Sparrow—yep, the Fountain of Youth.  Just a coincidence, I assure you.  I’ve been working on this one quite a while, and all I can really say is that my take on the legend won’t be anywhere near as fanciful.  I can also promise that there will be revelations about the Prometheus group and their mysterious agenda. 
When, you may be asking, will this book be available?  No promises, but I’m shooting for late spring, early summer 2012.
But fear not, there will be a lot happening in the interim.  First, let me reveal a little about Dark Trinity: Ascendant.  I’ve teased this one before, but here’s the straight scoop.
Dark Trinity: Ascendant will feature a precognitive former spy turned treasure hunter named Mira Raiden.  Mira, has the psychic ability to anticipate things that are about to happen—think Spidey-sense.  It’s not an infallible gift and it certainly doesn’t grant her omniscience, but it does allow her to get out of sticky situations and to find things that most people can’t.  One of the things she finds is a supernatural artifact called the Trinity.
I won’t reveal too much about the Trinity—you’ll have to read the book for that—but I can tell you that her discovery sets off a treasure hunt that will take her around the world, and put her into quite a few of the aforementioned sticky situations.  She’ll have to deal with her fair share of Indiana Jones/Lara Croft situations—temples, tombs, traps—and she’ll tangle with undead Nazis and even a cryptid or two.  I pretty much throw everything at her except the kitchen sink…actually, I’d better check the manuscript, I might have done that, too. 
Look for Dark Trinity: Ascendant from Variance Publishing, early 2012 (maybe sooner). That’s too long to wait?  Then here’s something even better.   News from Chess Team!
Come back here.  I’m not talking about a clique of introverts obsessed with the classic strategy game.  Chess Team is the name of an ultra-secret, ultra-lethal military black ops team, created by author Jeremy Robinson, and the subject of three novels (Pulse, Instinct, Threshold).  The members of Chess Team use radio call-signs taken from chess pieces: King, Queen, Knight and so forth.  And despite being rooted in the military thriller genre, Chess Team adventures typically go into stranger territory—my kind of territory.
That’s why I was blown away when Jeremy approached me to pen a tie-in novella focusing on one of the Chess Team characters.   There will in fact be five separate novellas, bridging the gap between Threshold and the next Chess Team novel, and each featuring a different “piece.”  Jeremy has enlisted some of the biggest names in indie published thrillers—David Wood; David McAfee; Ethan Cross; and Edward G. Talbot—and I’m honored to be counted among their ranks.
I can tell you this much about my contribution.  I’ll be writing about King, a.k.a Jack Sigler, the team leader, along with his girlfriend, Sara Fogg, a CDC disease investigator introduced in Instinct.  The adventure will mostly take place in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, and revolve around the mythic Elephant Graveyard.
There’s no firm date on the release, but look for it late summer/early fall.  The title will be simply King: One.
Will there be a King: Two?  Bet on it.  Will I be writing it?  We shall see, but I definitely hope to keep my association with Jeremy, and if he asks, I’d have to think about it…YES!!!
The last bit of news doesn’t involve a new book, but it might be a book that you haven’t heard me talk about much, Magic Mirror.  Magic Mirror was my first novel, and like all my “kids” a book I’m very proud of.  Unfortunately, it didn’t get the love it deserved.  The publisher priced the book out of reach, made it almost impossible to buy from retailers, and never embraced the potential of the digital marketplace.  The good news is that my contract with the original publisher has lapsed, and Magic Mirror is mine again.  I’ve entered into negotiations with a new publisher, and very soon, you should be able to read Magic Mirror on your favorite ebook reading device.
Magic Mirror is a standalone novel focusing on an investigation into the death of a Silicon Valley executive, who disappeared in the late 1980’s.  The discovery of his remains, in a lake hundreds of miles from where he vanished, is tied to a present day bioweapons plot, and a high-tech (and possibly very dangerous) maglev orbital launch facility called Magic Mirror.  The book is more of a mystery thriller than some of my more recent work, but there’s plenty of violence and mayhem.  As I say in the book description: “It begins with a mysterious disappearance….it will end with a world on the edge of destruction.”
So that’s the latest news from the front lines. As you can see, I’ve got my work cut out for me.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Dodge’s latest romp.  Keep checking for updates, and don’t be a stranger.  I’d love to hear from you!
Thank you Sean for sharing with us. We wish you the very best of luck with your writing career. And readers, help support Sean any way you can. Buy his books! You’ll be glad you did. And if they’re not really your cup of tea, then share his books with your friends and family. I know you know someone who’d love them. Tell your friends about Sean. Help make this author one of the biggest indie authors out there on the market today!

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