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Last week, I introduced you to Alan Baxter and his dark fantasy delights. I explained that for the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about the various authors involved in the upcoming anthology based on Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game” short story entitled THE GAME. Alan is one of those authors. Tonight’s author is Nicholas Boving (yes, I’m going in alphabetical order. lol). I’ve introduced you to him and his two-fisted secret agent hero Maxim Gunn here before. But for you who are knew…or for those who forgot…I thought it would be great to invite him back here and let him just talk to you in his own words. 
Nicholas is one of those guys who has pretty much been everywhere. His books are so rich with local detail quite simply because he’s probably been to every place he’s written about. He’s lived the life of an adventurer in many ways. A real interesting man and I’m as excited as I can be to introduce you to him again.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with his pulpy secret agent with an X-Files twist….well, I guess Nicholas is better suited to share all that with you. So, without further ado…welcome Nicholas Boving to Kent Holloway Online!
Maxim Gunn started 20 years ago as a spoof. Then he got sort of serious. And now he’s morphing into something a bit darker. It’s just a progression as he takes over and I write what I’m told. You all know what I mean. Everyone who writes a series about this one guy, or girl, sooner or later finds out that the character takes over.
Anyway, there are six Gunn stories posted as e-books on and also a raft of other e-book sites like Kobo and Sony. There are a couple more in the final editing stage (I work painfully slowly and get sidetracked easily) and I’ve just started the ninth.  There is no end in sight.
There are a couple of spin-offs to boot. One is about a feisty young woman called Frances West. As her bio says: she’s beautiful, clever, tough and resourceful, with a nose for trouble and a way of dealing with it that’ll leave you breathless. She gets herself in and out of danger like she’s in a revolving door, and leaves behind a trail of antagonists wondering what the hell hit them. Want to meet her? “Castle Dark” is also posted on Smashwords.
Take a look at all of them and do a trial ride at  And right now one of them, “The Serpent Force” won’t cost you a dime.
The other series getting mulled over is also about characters also spun off from a Maxim Gunn story. Fancy meeting this trio: an itinerant warrior monk, a Zulu warrior, and a spiky haired punk hitwoman? Quite what they get up to is something I haven’t worked out, but it should be fun. I feel Lovecraft’s Cthulu lurking.
A bit about Maxim Gunn.
When Maxim Gunn quit the British Secret Service, those who knew him doubted his life would be peaceful. They were right. A man with his reputation wasn’t likely to be left alone. Gunn is the quiet stranger who rides into town and lands in the middle of a firefight. He never asks for trouble. Trouble asks for him, by name. However the stories are not a litany of mindless violence, not every scene is a hail of bullets and action. Maxim Gunn thinks and feels. He is a human being, not a mindless robot programmed with an itchy trigger finger. And, Maxim Gunn has a twist. Not always arch criminals, but a computer controlled demon, survivors from Atlantis, hostile aliens, and even the infamous Leopard Men are all in a day’s work for this suave and elegant ex-agent. 
But don’t expect bleak, gritty violence. The Gunn stories are light hearted in the same vein as the earlier Saint adventures. There’s also a touch of throwback to the more romantic times and they are a little evocative of the style of John Buchan and H. Rider Haggard. Think of “The Thirty-nine Steps”, and “King Solomon’s Mines”. These are not hard-bitten stories, but entertainments. Sure, people die and there are some nasty things happening, but they had it coming and what would an adventure be without something nasty in the woodshed?
As for me, I now live in Toronto. I was formerly a mining engineer and travelled the world widely. 
Tiring of the mining industry (my unalterable conviction being that mining in 40 degrees in the shade was a vastly overrated pastime) and wanting to experience more of the world firsthand, I also worked from time to time as a docker, fruit inspector and forester. My books and screenplays draw on these experiences to provide characters, backgrounds and scenes.
Apart from the Maxim Gunn series I have also written several other novels: dramas and thrillers, and screenplays, which follow the central character to countries and places where the forces of nature as much as people provide the conflict. You might want to take a quick tour of my website and get an idea.
People occasionally ask me where inspiration comes from. Good question. Frankly, ideas are a dime a dozen: the problem is finding time to write them. I never really believed in inspiration as if it was some ethereal being looking over my shoulder. You read something, hear something, see something, and bingo, you’ve got a title or a first line. The rest is up to you, a keyboard and a wild imagination.
However, among the many things I don’t understand is how Kent finds the time to do all the things he does: the man must be a human dynamo, or maybe if we opened him up we’d find wires and servo mechanisms. Hmmm.

A final thought. Someone said: All writers are mad, but the best ones use it instead of it using them. Let’s face it; you’ve got to be a little nuts to think you can make a living at this game. My attitude is, enjoy it for its own sake, and if someone likes what you do enough to pay good money, then that’s just great.

Thanks so much Nick, for sharing with us about Maxim Gunn! We look forward to many more of his adventures. But readers, you don’t have to wait long! Maxim will be making a guest appearance in one of the featured stories of THE GAME! Going toe to toe with an old enemy who wants nothing more than to have Gunn’s head hanging from a plaque on his wall. 
So just in case you want to know what you’re in for, as far as Maxim Gunn’s appearance in the anthology is concerned, here are a few links to Smashwords to pick up copies of his ebooks. Check them out and, as always, help support the authors that take the time to share their thoughts with us. You’ll be glad you did.

Maxim Gunn and the Serpent Force (FREE!!!)
Maxim Gunn and the Chaos Project
Maxim Gunn and the Demon Plan
Castle Dark 

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