THE GAME preview: A word from author Rick Chesler

For many of you, tonight’s author needs no introduction. I’ve had him on my blog twice already. But he’s also one of the authors contributing to Seven Realms Publishing’s THE GAME anthology (I’ll let Rick tell you more in his post), so I asked him to come on board to tell us a bit about his writing, what he has coming down the horizon, as well as his contribution to THE GAME.
But before I let him speak, I just wanted to tell you…Rick is an absolutely fascinating guy. In my opinion, he lives a lifestyle that is, in many ways, parallel to the people we often see in thrillers. With a degree in Marine Biology, Rick is often navigating the oceans, scuba diving off of pristine reefs, and encountering marine life of all kinds. He’s actually living my dream! (I always secretly wanted to be a marine biologist!!) But I think his experiences in the field have really been cemented into his thrillers. But don’t take my word for it…pick up a copy of his two books and see for yourself (I’ll post the links at the end of the blog). 
Now, I’ll pass the mic off to Rick and let him have the floor!
As always, Kent, it’s a pleasure appearing on your blog—thanks for having me back!
I’d like to mention a couple of writing projects I’m working on now, as well as discuss my published novels for new readers who might not know of my work yet (yes, I know there are plenty of you!)  Let’s start with what I already have out there:
Two books have been published in my Tara Shores thriller series. Tara is an FBI agent with a fear of water who solves cases involving the ocean. As a crime-solving character, she is sort of a cross between Clarice Starling (Silence of the Lambs) and Lara Croft (Tomb Raider). The first book in the series, WIRED KINGDOM (May 2010), is about a whale tagged with a web-cam that broadcasts a murder at sea. The second, kiDNApped (March 2011), centers around a geneticist supposedly lost at sea who begins sending S.O.S. messages encoded within the DNA of living bacteria.
Some readers call the Tara Shores novels technothrillers or science thrillers, while others identify with the mystery, action-adventure and crime elements of the stories. When I create them I keep certain things in mind: the story opens with a serious crime at sea. Tara Shores is assigned to the case. Each plot centers around a different area of science or technology, and each story takes place in a different geographic location. So if you enjoy intrigue, action and mystery in exotic settings with cutting edge science and technology, then the Tara Shores series is for you. 
So where is Tara Shores heading next? The third novel in the series will be titled SOLAR ISLAND, coming in 2012. Here’s a brief description:
A madman uses a floating energy production platform as an opportunity to establish his own rogue nation.  After the FBI receives an alarming call for help originating from the artificial island, Special Agent Tara Shores goes undercover as a reporter in the South Pacific. 
The novel, besides being a rip-roaring hell-raiser of an action-thriller, will explore the current science of alternative energy, as well as the little-known concept of seasteading–creating permanent dwellings at sea, outside territories claimed by the governments of any existing nation.
In the meantime, besides working on SOLAR ISLAND (keep your eyes peeled for an excerpt later this year), I’m pleased to announce a new project I’m involved with that will be published this August: Seven Realms Publishing is putting together a collection of short stories based on “The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell. In that classic, you may recall, a big game hunter is himself hunted for sport on a remote island by another (human) hunter. The anthology is called THE GAME, and will feature a story by yours truly. 
Readers will definitely want to check this one out, because each talented author will have their own unique take on this riveting story. For my own interpretation of it, I wanted to stay true to the original with one major twist: rather than the prey being forced or tricked into playing the “game,” I chose to portray a situation where willing participants actually vie for the chance to compete. As a backdrop for this setup, I turn once again to the world of reality TV (as I did for my debut thriller, Wired Kingdom). There is also some real life basis for this inspiration, as I recently enjoyed watching episodes of the new Science Channel cable TV series, Mantracker ( But in my story to appear in THE GAME, the stakes are much higher and the action takes things to a level that will never be seen on any television series!
Will the story feature Tara Shores? Alas no, this will not be your chance to see her hunted for sport on an island (perhaps Solar Island will be your cup of tea). But THE GAME will introduce you to a new character– shrewd, resourceful and as ruthless as he needs to be: Justin Fixe, M.D., J.D. All I can say is, keep your eyes peeled for this character in the future. 
That’s all for now. As always—thanks for reading! Feel free to drop me a line around the web:
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P.S.: For a chance to win a signed copy of my latest thriller, kiDNApped, don’t forget to enter on for the Summer Beach Read kiDNApped giveaway on July 4th:
Thanks Rick! Once again, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. And I know there’s a lot of people that can’t wait to read your contribution to THE GAME! But in the meantime, if you’re itching to get started on Rick Chesler’s thrillers, here are a couple of links you should definitely check out!

And remember to be looking out for THE GAME in August 2011!! I’ll be sure to make you aware when it’s out though. Ha!

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