THE GAME preview: A word from author Rick Nichols

Well, if you’ve been keeping track the last few weeks, you know that I’ve been running down (in alphabetical order, mind you) the authors involved in THE GAME anthology (a collection of short stories inspired by the classic short story The Most Dangerous Game). So far, we’ve introduced you to Aussie author Alan Baxter and reacquainted you with Nichols Boving, Rick Chesler, and William Meikle. Um, I’ve skipped myself (’cause I can talk about me any time, right?) and Sean Ellis, who is acting editor in the anthology (we’ll get to him a bit later). So, who’s next, you might ask? Well, none other than Seven Realms Publishing’s resident hardboiled thriller author, Rick Nichols.
Now Rick is a relatively new author, but he’s been writing for a lot of years. He’s fantastic at spinning the first person gumshoe yarn and well worth paying attention to. He’ll go places. Now wouldn’t be neat if, when he’s big and famous, you can say, “I read him back when…”? I would go into detail about what Rick rights, but I know he’s anxious to do that himself. So, without further ado…I now hand the proverbial “mic” over to Rick!
First of all, Kent, thanks for having me back. It’s good to be here.
For those of you who are not familiar with my work, let me take a moment and catch you up on what I’ve done and what I plan on doing in the near future.
First of all, I am thrilled to be featured in The Game.  Due out in August 2011 the book is an anthology of stories from many fine authors with each story inspired by Richard Connell’s classic story The Most Dangerous Game. 
At first I was reluctant to do a short story. I don’t fancy myself a short story writer and I wanted to put a spin on the theme that had never been done. I decided to take it to outer space and my story The Andromeda Solution, tells of a soldier in a future war alone on a small ship in an asteroid belt being hunted by the enemy—a race of aliens that have possibly created the ultimate weapon.
My first novel, entitled Survivor’s Affair was released last year and introduced the characters of John Logan, former Green Beret and covert operative now turned private eye. Set in the city of Coral Bay, Florida, Logan is a widower and is still recuperating from the loss of his wife Shikira almost a year before. Logan gets a phone call from the daughter of his old mentor. She is accused of killing the city’s most prominent millionaire. Feeling honor bound, Logan must work to clear her name. In doing so, he uncovers secret facts about the millionaire and the trail will lead him to even more painful revelations about his wife’s death.
My second novel, entitled The Affairs of Men comes out June 26, 2011, and finds Logan being hired by a beautiful architect to find out if her successful CPA husband is cheating. In addition, he finds a member of his old unit whom he thought was dead, alive in Coral Bay with a gorgeous call girl on his arm and a truckload of Russian hit men on his tail. As events begin to unfold, Logan realizes that both cases are connected and could endanger the whole city. In order to stay alive, Logan must revisit those dark places of his heart; places he’d not visited since the death of his wife.
Logan gets help in his adventures from Teri Johnson, once a member of Logan’s black-ops team and Logan’s current love interest, and the enigmatic and taciturn Mason Killian, ex-Green Beret and Logan’s best friend.
I’m currently working on a third Logan novel where you might learn a little more about Killian. As far as the future goes, I have plans for a murder mystery set in a small WV town. Being from WV originally, I’ve always wanted to do a story set in my home state. It has a rich history, a proud people, and it is a chance to leave the sunshine of Florida and set a book in the wintry chill of the north.
Also down the road, I’m working on an idea for a fantasy novel featuring a wandering hero from a distant land who gets caught up in the fight against dark forces.
And as always, there will be more John Logan books to come.
All of my books are published through Seven Realms Publishing and are available at all online book retailers.

Thanks, again, Kent for letting me babble today.

Trust me on this…you want to get to know Rick and his John Logan. I highly recommend checking both his books out. Right now, the ebook version of SURVIVOR’S AFFAIR is only $0.99 (Kindle, Nook, and all the rest (at Smashwords)). Here is the link to the Kindle version (you, of course, can always purchase the print version too!).

And, as of today, the sequel THE AFFAIRS OF MEN is actually available!!! Um, but it’s only available in ebook format at the moment. The print version should be available within the week, but if you’re in a hurry…here you go!

And remember to be keeping your eyes out next month for the release of THE GAME!!! You guys will be blown away by the imaginative stories inspired by The Most Dangerous Game. From Rick’s space opera short to my short story featuring Jack (from The ENIGMA Directive series) being chased by a pack of crazy cryptids in FREAKSHOW to out and out sequels to the classic story, you’ll not want to miss a single thrilling moment. But don’t worry…as you know, Ill keep you posted so you won’t miss out! 🙂

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