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For the last two years, I’ve been what they call “networking” like crazy and getting to know a lot of amazing authors. It’s not only great for the writing/publishing career and educational, but an absolute blast as well. Well, some time last year, I ran across this crazy character named David Sakmyster (to this day, I still have difficulty typing his name without an uncontrollable urge to add a “Y” to the end…after all, how cool would it be to be an author with “mystery” as part of your surname?). Anyway, I got to know Dave and through several conversations about writing, publishing, and a few chats delving into the more “Fortean” of subjects, we’ve become pretty good friends. 
But when you’re friends with so many writers (and you own your own publishing company to boot), it can be awfully difficult to take time out to read your friends’ books to give them your opinion. After all, you have your own books you’re trying to deal with…plus reading manuscript after manuscript. But when I heard about the premise for Dave’s MORPHEUS INITIATIVE series (starting with the book THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE)…well, I just had to make an exception. And I’m certainly glad I did. Imagine…Indiana Jones with clairvoyant abilities…an archaeologist with the ability to see directly into the past. The classic treasure hunting adventure on steroids!
When Seven Realms decided to put together an anthology of short stories inspired by Richard Connell’s classic THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, I knew I wanted Dave to be part of it. And trust me…his contribution (it’s own stand alone Morpheus Initiative tale), met my every expectation. 
So, as part of this series of blog posts featuring the various authors contributing to THE GAME anthology, I asked David to write a little bit about his upcoming projects. Here’s what he had to say:


First off, a great big nod of thanks to Kent for having me back on the blog!  It’s always a pleasure.  And while I’m eagerly awaiting the release of THE GAME, excited to be included in an anthology with a great concept and a packed cast of awesome authors, I’m also counting the days until the release of THE MONGOL OBJECTIVE. 
From Variance Publishing, MONGOL is the sequel to last year’s debut of The Morpheus Initiative series, THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE.  The concept is simple but intriguing: psychic archaeologists hunting some of the biggest historical mysteries out there.  In Book 1, the team sought out the lost treasure of Alexander the Great, rumored to be hidden under the marvelous Pharos Lighthouse in Egypt – and they wound up finding something far more extraordinary, not only the truth about the past, but about themselves!

In THE MONGOL OBJECTIVE, a renegade member of the Initiative steals a powerful artifact and the chase is on – for the key to using the ancient device lies buried with the greatest conqueror the world has ever known – Genghis Khan.  And his resting place is one of the greatest mysteries out there.

This one was a blast to research, and to write.  There are so many theories, so many legends about where Genghis Khan was laid to rest – including fanciful tales of the wholesale slaughter of thousands of his entourage who worked on constructing his tomb so that no one could ever find it again.  And of course, it’s believed that he was interred with the spoils of so many plundered cities.  In following the research, I came across many exciting possibilities – including that his followers excelled at the art of misdirection, leaving behind a host of false clues that have frustrated archaeologists and tomb raiders for centuries.  (But of course, none of those adventurers were psychic.)

I’ve felt some pressure to get this out soon, as I know there are archaeological teams from many countries and universities on the hunt across China and Mongolia, utilizing satellite imagery and ground-penetrating sonar, narrowing in on his location (despite resistance from the faithful who still revere him and want his rest undisturbed).
Next up after Mongol – I’m juggling a dozen projects, some I can talk about, some I can’t just yet.  But Book 3 in the Morpheus Initiative is close to being finished – no spoilers there, but let’s say they turn their remote-viewing sights toward a direction you’d never expect…

And venturing into my other love, screenwriting – I might have some positive news here soon, as I’ve got a producer interested in a low-budget horror script (think ‘Paranormal Activity’ set in a trailer park).  And I’m writing three different high concept screenplays with my writing partner, screenwriter and actor, Brian M. Logan.

More to come, but in the meantime, set your sights on THE MONGOL OBJECTIVE.  And read the standalone story about one of the Initiative members in my contribution to THE GAME.

And for a free ‘teaser’ story, check out The Smithsonian Objective here:

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And thank you, Dave, for a great post. Friends, I hope you’ll check out all of David’s books. Here’s a link to his author page on Amazon:

And here’s a direct link to THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE:

And remember…be on the lookout for THE GAME coming out in August 2011!!! Here’s the back cover blurb for your reading pleasure:

“I wanted the ideal animal to hunt,” explained the general. “So I said, `What are the attributes of an ideal quarry?’ And the answer was, of course, `It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason.”‘

“But no animal can reason,” objected Rainsford.

“My dear fellow,” said the general, “there is one that can.”

In 1924, Richard Connell’s THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, captivated readers with the tale of one man hunting another man for sport.  It became an instant classic.

Now, witness the next evolution of hunt, with twelve all new tales of cunning and survival.

THE GAME is on!

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