Let Me Introduce You To…Jeremy Robinson and His Great Kindle Giveaway!

Hey gang! One of my favorite authors (and actually one of my great inspirations as a thriller author) is this guy named Jeremy Robinson. I’ve talked about him a few times here on my blog. Well, he recently came to me and asked if I’d help him out by posting a special guest blog…AND his Great Kindle Giveaway for his Blog Tour. So, how could I possibly say no? (But have no fear…he couldn’t do it without me hurling at least a few questions at him!) So, without further ado, I give you my good friend, Jeremy Robinson.
Welcome to Jeremy Robinson’s Great Kindle Giveaway and Blog Tour.
“Hurray for free Kindles!” you say, but who the hell is Jeremy Robinson? Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the author of eleven mixed genre novels, published in ten languages, including the popular fantasy YA series, THE LAST HUNTER, and the fast-paced Jack Sigler series (also known as Chess Team—not nearly as nerdy as it sounds), PULSE, INSTINCT and THRESHOLD from Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press. I’m the co-author of an expanding series novellas deemed the Chesspocalypse, which take place in the Chess Team universe. If that doesn’t wet your whistle, I’m also known as Jeremy Bishop, the #1 Amazon.com horror author of THE SENTINEL and the controversial novel, TORMENT. For more about me, or my books, visit www.jeremyrobinsononline.com.
I have watched for years as my fellow authors held online events called blog tours. Some would visit ten blogs. Others, as many as ninety. And every day they would bring something different, waxing eloquent about a multitude of topics. When I finally decided to have a blog tour of my own, and settled on doing each and every weekday in October, my first thought was, “This will be cool,” which was immediately followed up by, “Holy crap, I can’t think of something interesting to say twenty times in one month!” I can barely think of something worthwhile for my own blog just once a month. The solution is what follows; each blog participating in the tour could ask me ANY three questions. That means, if the subject matter bores you, I’m not to blame! Huzzah!
But fear not. There are other rewards for sloughing through the questions and answers. I’ll be giving away two Kindles to two randomly selected readers who sign up for my newsletter. Details on the giveaway can be found below. On to the Q&A!
1) Your books deal a lot with monsters and scientific research gone horribly wrong. Since Mary Shelley, these two things have touched something visceral in us. We crave these kinds of stories. What do you think drives us to devour these kind of stories? What is it about monsters and science that hits that special cord in us as readers?
I think there is actually a very simple answer to this: when people develop new technology, the first thing we do with it is figure out how it can kill other people. Most of the technology we enjoy today was originally developed by or for the military and used, directly or indirectly, to kill other human beings. Often what benefits us, will be used to harm someone else. So when the science I use in my books kill people, from a military perspective, it’s scientific research gone horribly right. It just happens to be in the wrong hands, or out of control. I tend to focus on stranger examples of this—monsters—but if you replace my creatures with, say, a nuke, then you’ve got a very real scenario. I think that’s why is hits a cord with readers. Whether we want to admit it or not, it’s not that far from reality, and we subconsciously need to see people overcoming those things. Helps us sleep at night.
2) Who are some of your favorite authors that you enjoy reading simply for pleasure sake? Which authors do you think you gain the most inspiration from? Why?
I read a lot of books in my genre. James Rollins, Steve Alten, Douglas Preston—you know, all the guys whose sales I hope to match some day. I’m also reading a lot of books by my peers (who are all friends now)—guys my age who first got published within a few years of each other: Scott Sigler, Chris Kuzneski, Boyd Morrison. I’ve also recently discovered a slew of kindle authors whose books are amazing and often more original than mainstream books. David McAfee, David Wood, Ethan Hunt, Edward G. Talbot and Sean Ellis are among the best…which is why I chose them as co-authors for my Chesspocalypse novella series! In terms of inspiration, I’ve always sighted Jeff Long’s novel THE DESCENT as my all-time favorite novel. When I read it, I knew I wanted to immerse my readers in my worlds the way Jeff did with his. The subtitle of THE LAST HUNTER – DESCENT is, in part, a tribute to his influence on my writing. I’m still waiting for the third book in Jeff’s DESCENT series. I’ll be the first person to pick it up when it comes out.
3) What is in store for the future of Jeremy Robinson fans? What can we be looking forward to in the months and years to come?
Egad, this is a can of worms. I have an enormous amount of books coming out in the next year, so many that it might be best to just bullet list them!



• RAISING THE PAST (Audiobook)



• THE LAST HUNTER – ASCENT (Book 3 of the Antarktos Saga)





And then, so sum up all of 2012…

• THRESHOLD (mass market)

• SECONDWORLD (hard cover)

• RAGNAROK (4th Jack Sigler/Chess Team novel)
• THE LAST HUNTER (books 4 and 5)

• The 3rd Jeremy Bishop novel

• And maybe 5 – 6 more Chesspocalypse novellas…and more audiobooks…
You asked!  Wait, you said YEARS to come. I don’t think you really want me to answer that. When I’m done I could probably sell it on Amazon as a novel. Hmmm.
Hope that was as good for you as it was for me. Now how about that kindle giveaway?

Here’s the deal: to be entered to win one of two free kindles all you have to do is visit my website—www.jeremyrobinsononline.com—and sign up for the newsletter. That’s it. The first kindle will go to a randomly chosen newsletter signup on October 31. For the second kindle, there’s a catch. The second giveaway will only be triggered if one of my kindle books hits the Amazon.com bestseller list (top 100). So pick up some books (most are just $2.99 a pop) and spread the word! If one of the books squeaks up to #100 for just a single hour, the second kindle will be given away to another randomly chosen newsletter sign up on October 31.

*When you sign up for the newsletter, be sure to include the name of the blog that referred you in the field provided. I’ll be giving away two $50 Amazon.com gift certificates to the blog that refers the most sign-ups and another to the blog who referred the first kindle winner.
** I will announce winners via Twitter, Facebook, my blog, and newsletter (which you will be signed up for!) but I’ll also e-mail the winners directly—I’ll need to know where to ship those kindles!
Thanks for spending some time with me today. Hope you enjoyed the Q&A, and good luck with the kindle giveaway!
— Jeremy Robinson

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  1. These sound like fascinating reads! I'm always intrigued by books that explore the darker side of human nature, which would include the human tendency to use science and technology as a way to cause harm to other humans. I'd love to read these!

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