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So, it’s been a while since I last posted on here. The last post was part two of telling you all about the house I grew up in. I thought about continuing on and talking about possible theories regarding ghosts and hauntings, etc., but to be honest…because no one really responded to those posts, I wasn’t sure how interested you guys were so I decided to move on [I really do read your comments, so when no one leaves one, I don’t know what you think or what you want me to focus on. Comments really do help me adapt this blog to best serve you]. That being said, I have had several emails lately wondering when my next ENIGMA Directive book is coming out. So, I thought I’d take this week’s blog post to tell you what I have coming up…and what I’m planning to write in the foreseeable future. And yes, I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this. 🙂
Well, to my ENIGMA Directive fans, you may be disappointed in this next bit of news, but there’s been a delay in the third book currently entitled DEVIL’S CHILD. I’ll get to the progress in that book in a bit (as well as why there’s a delay and the expected release date). For now, let me tell you about my next scheduled release.  
In early 2012, I will be releasing my next thriller entitled THE DJINN. This historical adventure is actually the first novel I ever attempted to write. Way back in 2005, when I decided to try my hand at professional writing, this was the book I wrote. And like so many first attempts, I was just never satisfied with it. 
That is…until I was struck with an idea for the story a few months ago that would totally make this one of my favorite books I’ve ever written. What can I say? I was struck in the head by my muse and I had to return to it…had to revise it…had to finish this great tale. And that is the reason for the delay of DEVIL’S CHILD.
So, what is THE DJINN about? Well, I’m glad you asked!
Set in the last years of the second Crusade in Jerusalem, Baron Gregory L’Ombre is seeking two relics of unimaginable power…two objects that would imbue the ambitious baron with the ability to know the very thoughts of his greatest enemies. Two biblical artifacts that would give him complete omniscience.
And that’s not the worst of it. The discovery of these objects would also bring about the destruction of thousands of innocent people.
But Gregory’s quest is not without problems. He and his men are being hunted…perhaps haunted…by a creature of smoke and shadow. A being straight from Saracen myth and legend. A spirit of vengeance for those who are evil and an angel of protection for those who are powerless. A creature the locals call the Djinn. 
This tale of high adventure is a tip of the hat to pulp icons such as the Shadow, Zorro, and even Batman. A hero that uses the psychology of fear, science, and intellect to do what must be done. 
So, if this sounds interesting to you…be on the lookout for it early 2012!
Not actual cover. Just a concept cover.
But for the fans of the wisecracking cryptozoologist Dr. Obadiah “Jack” Jackson and The ENIGMA Directive series…have no fear! This is where I tell you what’s going on with DEVIL’S CHILD. The third book in the series is almost halfway finished. And between you and me, it’s by far the best book in the series. Trust me on this…I honestly don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
And when you read it, I truly hope you will think it was well worth the wait. But here’s the reason behind attacking THE DJINN before completing DEVIL’S CHILD…it’s all about the muse. Since becoming serious about writing, I’ve learned one or two things about the profession. One of those things is: don’t tick off your muse! If she storms off, there’s no telling when she’ll be back! Haha! So when my muse hit with how I can fix the problems I was having with the first novel I had ever written, I knew I absolutely had to go back to it. To deny those ideas might jeopardize both books. After all, if my heart was yearning to tackle THE DJINN, I would struggle to write DEVIL’S CHILD…and neither book would turn out the way I hoped.
But as I’ve already stated…the good news is that I’m more than halfway finished with this book. And it’s so much fun!!! In DEVIL’S CHILD, Jack is contacted by a childhood pal who had been commissioned to hunt a horrendous beast stalking the skyline of New York City. Jack’s friend, one of the best big game hunters in the world, is horribly attacked and mauled by a creature that he can only describe as “the devil himself.” Other witnesses have described the creature as something like a giant bat or a gargoyle come to life from one of the Gothic buildings in Manhatten. But Jack has heard these stories before. He begins to suspect the creature is none other than the Jersey Devil.
He and his team begin investigating…scouring the concrete jungle of New York…in an attempt to discover why the beast, who typically lives peacefully in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, is stalking the Big Apple and leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. The answers they discover trace all the way back to the colonial era and may very well shake the foundation of everything Jack believes in.
Sound good? Excited about it? Well, have no fear. I don’t anticipate delaying this release very long. DEVIL’S CHILD should be available around late spring or early summer 2012. 
Cover for book 1 of the Dark Hollows series
Though many have yet to discover THE CURSE OF ONE-EYED JACK, book one of the Dark Hollows series, those who have read it tell me it’s my best writing to date with the most interesting characters I’ve ever developed. I tend to agree with them. To be honest…I absolutely love Ezekiel Crane and his dark, mysterious Appalachian world. I love the dichotomy between mountain magic and science. I adore the “Little People” who may or may not reside just on the periphery of the community of Boone Creek, Kentucky. And quite frankly, I love the fact that you’re just not quite sure what Crane is up to. He’s a bit like Pendergast in that way, which makes him doubly intriguing.
You might be thinking, “Wow. This guy is full of himself. He’s really praising his own work!” But the fact is, I have no qualms at all about talking so highly about this book because it truly is the type of paranormal mystery that I love. It’s why I wrote it, after all. Well, that and because of my muse. Let me go on record as saying this: Anything that is good about ONE-EYED JACK is because of my muse. Anything that stinks about it is because of me. Sound a bit more modest? Well, it’s absolutely true.
And the good news is that my muse has definitely been working on overdrive to provide the story for book 2 of the Dark Hollows series…a book that I’ll be calling THE DIRGE OF BRIARSNARE MARSH. It’s a story that I’ve been concocting since before the first book was written actually…the first series that I’ve truly planned out in advance (to some degree). One of the major complaints I’ve heard about ONE-EYED JACK was the abrupt way in which the book ended (with so many loose ends that remained untied at the close of the last page). Well, to those critics, please understand…it was completely intentional. 
You see, the Dark Hollows Mysteries is truly not a series of separate books with separate mysteries, but rather one continuous mystery that will unravel through the course of the series. Granted, each book will have its own unique mystery to solve, but it’s all related to the major conundrum plaguing our intrepid seventh son of a seventh son.
To prove my point, THE DIRGE OF BRIARSNARE MARSH actually takes place only a week after the events of THE CURSE OF ONE-EYED JACK. Kili is still there, recovering from her ordeal. The missing people are still missing. And now, even worse, bodies have begun disappearing from the local morgue and cemetery…only to be seen on occasion by loved ones…walking around of their own accord. But everyone knows there ain’t no such thing as zombies. So Ezekiel Crane and Kili begin investigating what’s going on and the  journey leads them down the dark path of Crane’s own past. The question is: are either of them prepared for what they’ll discover?
So that’s the premise behind the second Dark Hollows novel. As in the first book, nothing is as it seems. If you think you know what’s going to happen, don’t get too excited. It’ll probably go in a whole different direction. I haven’t even started on this one yet. I’m hoping to shoot for a late 2012/early 2013 release for this book. But I’ll definitely keep you posted.
Anyway, those are my plans. I actually have a lot more up my sleeve, but for now, I think that’ll do. Just sort of gave you a taste as to what’s going on with my book plans and that’s what I set out to do. So for now, let me get back to writing and you get back to reading. But before I leave, I have a personal favor to ask you…if you have read and enjoyed any of my books and have not left a review on Amazon, I truly would appreciate you doing so. You have no idea how much those reviews…even the simplest and shortest…can help.
And once again, thank you so much for your continued support. I truly can’t express how much you guys mean to me.

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  1. I stumbled upon your website while looking up information about growing up in a haunted house. I too grew up in a house that is most definitely haunted. I often think back on my childhood experiences. My parents still live there and to this day I will not go into the basement by myself at night. I am also a Christian. I would love to read more about your experiences and ideas about the ghosts. I hope you find time to write more on this topic.

  2. Jenny, thank you so much for the comment! Just for you, I will try to follow through with my original plans for the childhood haunted house posts. I just wasn't sure anyone was truly interested because no one had commented. Don't like boring people if they're not interested. However, I would LOVE to share some of my theories and ideas about the different possibilities behind the ghost phenomenon…so I'll figure out how to do it. I just have to be careful what I say because I'm going to be using one of these theories I have in an upcoming novel and don't want to spoil the surprise! haha! Anyway, thank you so much for your comment and I hope you'll continue checking out the website. We'll be talking with Josh Gates of Destination Truth soon (if you're unfamiliar with him or the show, they hunt both ghosts AND monsters!!!).

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