Big news for Seven Realms! Jeremy Robinson is joining our ranks!

Just wanted to post a quick note to announce some big news for Seven Realms Publishing. Jeremy Robinson has just signed on with us to let us publish his next Jack Sigler/Chess Team Adventure…Ragnarok. This time around, he’ll be teaming up with the brilliant Kane Kilmour. This is personally huge news for me as I’ve been a fan of Jeremy’s from before Seven Realms even existed. As a matter of fact, his early career provided the inspiration and motivation for me to proceed as both an author and a publisher. Heck, his own publishing company that he started (which is now part of Variance Publishing) was the model for Seven Realms. So, yeah…I’m super excited about this and wanted to share. Here is the formal announcement:
7R is proud to announce the signing of Jeremy Robinson and his next Jack Sigler/Chess Team adventure!
Seven Realms Publishing is proud to announce the signing of Jeremy Robinson’s next Jack Sigler thriller…RAGNAROK.  We can’t express enough just how excited we are about this great news. We’ve been a fan of Jeremy Robinson for quite some time now and it’s an absolute thrill to add him to the growing list of exciting authors gracing the halls of Seven Realms.
But this time, we’re getting two birds with one stone as Jeremy isn’t coming to us alone. He’s teaming up with the extremely talented up-and-comer Kane Gilmour for perhaps the most intense Chess Team adventure yet.
Seven Realms will be handling the print release of this fantastic thriller due out on October 23, 2012.

Here’s the synopsis of RAGNAROK:

It starts with a thunderous crack and a flash of light. Screams come next. Then the hunters. With a staccato flicker, light disappears and everything within a hundred yard radius goes with it. All that remains is a massive crater where a chunk of the world has gone missing.
As the deadly phenomenon repeats and expands amidst the world’s most densely populated cities—carving apartment buildings in half, scooping away entire city blocks, and claiming thousands of lives—Jack Sigler, Callsign: King and his black ops team take action. But the team is broken, spread across the globe and vulnerable. Scrambling to make sense of the violent disappearances and fighting to reunite, the team comes face-to-face with an otherworldly enemy capable of making the fearless…terrified.
Taking the battle to the ends of the Earth—and beyond—the team combats a savage enemy whose centuries old plan for mankind has nearly reached fruition. If they fail, the planet will become little more than a fully stocked food cache, and the human race will walk willingly to their doom with smiles on their faces.

Here’s a brief bio of both authors:

JEREMY ROBINSON is the author of numerous novels including PULSE, INSTINCT, and THRESHOLD the first three books in his exciting Jack Sigler series, which is also the focus of and expanding series of co-authored novellas deemed the Chesspocalypse. His next hardcover novel, SECONDWORLD comes out on May 22. Robinson also known as the #1 horror writer, Jeremy Bishop, author of THE SENTINEL and the controversial novel, TORMENT. His novels have been translated into ten languages. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three children.


KANE GILMOUR has visited over 40 countries around the world. When he hasn’t been pounding the keys until his fingers bleed, he has been rock climbing in Arizona, mountain biking in the Midwest, exploring ancient cities in Sri Lanka, hiking in the mountains of Western China, ice-climbing in Scotland, and exploring abandoned buildings in Eastern India. His first action/adventure thriller, RESURRECT, is available now, as is CALLSIGN: DEEP BLUE, a Chess Team novella co-authored with Jeremy Robinson. He currently lives in Vermont with his wife and son.

Please join us in welcoming Jeremy and Kane to Seven Realms. And on a strictly personal level, if you’ve never read any of their books…we highly encourage you to do so. You just can’t go wrong with a Jeremy Robinson story!

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this big news…or at least, I hope you will be. I’ve featured Jeremy a number of times on this blog (as a matter of fact, he was my very first featured author). But if you’ve never read any of his books, I can’t encourage you enough to so. The first Chess Team novel (the series is officially called the Jack Sigler Thrillers, but I just prefer it’s original series title, Chess Team) is called Pulse. It was then followed by Instinct and Threshold. The first Jeremy Robinson novel I ever read was a creature feature called Kronos and it was an absolutely fun read!

As for Kane, he’s just getting started. His debut novel is currently in my Kindle and when I get some time, I’m going to start reading it…but from what I hear, he’s definitely an author to be looking out for. I have a feeling, he’s going places!

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  1. That's great news, Kent. 7R is establishing an incredibly strong roster of writers and books. I was excited about working my way through your backlist (which I am discovering by reading my through your old blog posts) and now I'm equally excited by what the future holds for 7R, its writers, and its readers.

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