Let Me Re-introduce You To…Candace Bowen Early

I know what you’re thinking…Kent, man, your blog tends to run a little heavy on the testosterone. Book after book, author after author, you introduce us to daring adventure, loud explosions, swinging through jungles, gun fights, and ravenous monsters. But where’s the love? Well, friends…I hear ya. 🙂 That’s why, this week, I wanted to RE-introduce you to Candace Bowen Early.

I say RE-introduce because I’ve talked about her before. Early last year as a matter of fact, with the release of her debut historical romance novel A KNIGHT OF SILENCE (from Seven Realms Publishing). AKOS (as we affectionately call it over at 7R) has become something of an anomaly. It holds the distinction of being 7R’s one and only romance novel in our catalog (that’s about to change and I’ll explain why in just a second). Another reason AKOS has been an anomaly for us is it has the distinction of having a ravenous following that campaigned to get 7R to publish the rest of Candace’s KNIGHT series. That’s right. You heard it here first. Seven Realms Publishing will be publishing the sequel to AKOS later this year. The new book is called A KNIGHT OF BATTLE and I promise you it will be every bit as good as the first.

By the way, I want to go on record and say that there is a reason why I was reluctant to publish the others in the series and it has nothing to do with Candace’s amazing talent, incredible narrative style, or attention to detail. It is simply because originally, 7R was going to have a romance realm, but when my business partner decided to pursue other things, I decided to drop the genre (it was her expertise after all…what the heck do I know about romance? Just ask my ex’s! Haha!). But there was such an outcry for more of the KNIGHT series, I realized I owed it to this amazing author to finish the series.
Plus, we’ll also be publishing a brand new novel from Candace in the near future called JACK OF HEARTS. Like her other books, this too will be given a historical setting, but this time, it will be in dark east London during the Jack the Ripper murders. This incredible thriller with a hint of romance will make you feel as if you’re really there and send shivers down your spine as Jack stalks a woman that could, quite possibly, be the biggest mistake of his life. JACK OF HEARTS will be available in 2013 and I’ll keep you posted on that as time draws near.

This week, however, I wanted to share with you Candace’s newest release: SPUR OF THE MOMENT, published by Rhemalda Press. Now I’ll tell you…I’m not a big fan of romance novels, but this one sounds so good, I might just make it one of my priorities to read. Here’s the product description for it:

Best-selling author Bronwyn Chase never quite fit in with the 21st century. On a publicity trip to New York City, a mysterious woman claiming to be a mystic from Bronwyn’s past gives her a silver knights spur. Asked to save Euric, a man she never knew existed, Bronwyn finds herself transported to 12th-century Cornwall. Landing at the feet of an entranced Euric, she discovers the instant connection she feels to him comes from a midsummer rite gone horribly awry on the eve of her birth. Forced to face a dark wicce who plans to use Euric for her own nefarious ends, Bronwyn summons her own mystical birthright to free him.

See? I told you it sounded good. Time travel. Magic. Evil witches. True love. What’s not to love? Kind of sounds like a cross between Romancing the Stone and the BBC’s Merlin to me. 🙂 I’m seriously putting this on my “to-be-read” list and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
Recently, I had a chance to talk with Candace about SPUR OF THE MOMENT, her writing career, and a whole lot more. Here’s what she had to say:
1) Your newest book, Spur of the Moment sounds very different from A Knight of Silence. Care to tell us a little about Spur of the Moment? Who are the characters? I have already posted the book’s description, but in your own words, what is the book about?
I like to have an underlying moral to all my stories and Spur of the Moment is no different. I do not believe in the “perfect” hero or heroine and like Reina from A Knight of Silence, my character Bronwyn Chase is no different.
Told from Bronwyn’s point of view, Spur of the Moment is her story with a colorful, caring and wicked supporting cast of characters.
Like most of us in life, Bronwyn faces trials and tribulations. By believing in herself and the power of love, she overcomes adversity to find true happiness. That is the real story behind Spur of the Moment. 
2) Sounds like a very intriguing story. Time travel. Magic. I cannot help but be curious as to where the inspiration for the story came from.
Spur of the Moment came to me as I was taking a break from writing, A Knight of Battle. I can remember the exact moment because I had just received two medieval religious medals I had purchased from England. As I held them, I started to wonder about the original owners and how cool it would be to travel back in time. Later that day, I started typing the story that would become, Spur of the Moment.

3) You are becoming known for very authentic historical novels. A Knight of Silence and Spur of the Moment both seem to take place during the Medieval time period. Your upcoming Jack of Hearts takes place during late 19th century London. What is it about historical time-periods that you are so fascinated with?
I think I am drawn to the past because I find it to be a much simpler time. I tend to get overwhelmed by today’s fast-paced electronic society. I have always loved England, castles, and the whole concept of Knights in Shining Armor so I favor Europe in particular when it comes to writing.
4) Who are some of your favorite authors/books? Are they mostly historical? Romance? Or are your tastes varied?
My tastes are definitely eclectic when it comes to my favorite authors and books. I have so many from different genres. Just a few are, Jane Austen, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft.
5) From personal experience, I know you have developed quite a following with A Knight of Silence. What do you think is it about that book that resonates so much with people?
I like to believe the message behind the story is what resonates with the reader. Beneath our varied exteriors, we are essentially all the same.
6) I have already mentioned your upcoming books, A Knight of Battle and Jack of Hearts. What other books do you coming down the pipeline that people should keep an eye out for? What projects are you working on now?
Spur of the Moment’s sequel, Wicked Embers, is scheduled for release through Rhemalda Publishing in September of this year. As well as working on the Knight Series, I also have a work in progress entitled, Voodoo Fire. Set in present-day New Orleans during Mardi Gras, a group of mid-west college kids encounter more than they bargained for after conducting a séance beside the tomb of the infamous voodoo queen, Marie Laveau.
7) The first time I had you on my blog, I asked for advice you would give for would-be authors. Now that you have had a little more experience, I am curious about something else: What has been the greatest lesson you have learned since becoming a published author?
I think the greatest lesson I have learned is that marketing is one of the most valuable assets in the publishing industry. I knew going in it would be important, I just never realized how important. I spend a great deal of time maintaining and updating the various resources I am linked into, which is another reason I favor the past so much ~ lol.
Thank you for hosting me, Kent. As always, it has been a pleasure.
And thank you, Candace, for taking the time to talk to us today. Friends, if you love great romance novels or are just plain interested in historical fiction, you should definitely check out Candace’s books…both SPUR OF THE MOMENT and A KNIGHT OF SILENCE! Here are some links for you:

4 thoughts on “Let Me Re-introduce You To…Candace Bowen Early”

  1. See Kent, there's a difference between Romance and GOOD romance. GOOD romance is not sex heavy (usually), it's story heavy. The moments where sex is involved, it's needed just as it would be if it was placed in a thriller or any other novel. In any good romance, there are the same characteristics of any other novel. Just it all revolves around a romance. They're very emotional heavy. They make you feel what the characters are feeling all the while wrapping you up in an amazing story where you actually wanna see the guy or girl get the sig other they're after and save the day. Although not all romances have an HEA or happily ever after.

  2. Kent,
    I think we are two of the luckiest publisher's in the world to be able to share an author with such exquisite talent as Candace Bowen Early. I fell in love with Euric and Brownyn as I read Candace's submission on the plane from Seattle to Miami. That flight flew by as I immersed myself in her marvelously woven tale.

    Thank you for taking the time to share her newest book with your readers. We hope to return the favor in like form when 'Jack of Hearts' the the continuing Knight series release.


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