Wow. Wait ’til You See What 7R Has Planned For the Rest of the Year!

I’m not sure if you remember this, but when I was a kid, there was always a very very special bit Friday night television that would occur when autumn fast approached…I remember it being around the time school started. Oh, this was a magical night for me…this one particular Friday out of all the rest of the year. A night of excitement. Of some of my favorite heroes…and villains. A night in which I would plan out the course of my Saturday morning cartoon watching for the rest of the year. If you’re close to my age, you will know exactly what I’m talking about here. I am, of course, referring to the special Saturday morning preview show where the networks would highlight all their awesome new cartoons for their brand new Saturday morning lineup. I’m serious. I would not ever miss this special. It was so much fun to watch. Such good memories (I’ll never forget the one where Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader got together to host the show…that must have been 1977 because it was my very first exposure to the Dark Lord of the Sith). But the point is…it allowed me a brief taste of what was to come on that all important day for a child of the 70s and 80s…Saturday mornings. So, it was with this bit of nostalgia in mind that I decided to do something similar by previewing the amazing lineup of books that Seven Realms Publishing has coming up for the rest of 2012. It might not be as exciting as seeing an animated Fonzi from Happy Days hanging out with a very real Henry Winkler while discussing cartoons, but I think it will be close…especially if you love books like I do!
August 28 is the scheduled release date for David Sakmyster’s latest supernatural thriller BLINDSPOTS. When I read the manuscript for this book, I was absolutely floored. I’ve never been a big fan of Dean Koontz or those type of thrillers, but ever since reading Blindspots, my tastes have changed. I’ve been reading more and more stuff like it and can’t seem to get enough. Blindspots, you see, hit me like a ton of bricks. It was fun. It was fast paced. It was mysterious. And it had a supernatural element that sent chills down my spine. To be honest, I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it. Now, I don’t want to give too much away because this is only a preview and I plan to interview Dave again (he was on this blog once before) when the book is out. 
But in the meantime, you might be wondering what exactly the books is about. Well, here ya go:


Six strangers from across the globe, all afflicted with Prosopagnosia—a disease that renders the sufferer unable to recognize faces—find themselves drawn to a secluded Vermont clinic specializing in the disease. Once there, to the shock of their lives, these strangers find they are not only able to see, but somehow recognize each other. But before they can learn the amazing truth about their connection, they are targeted by a preternaturally-gifted killer who has been waiting, more than one lifetime, for their arrival.

Last year, 7R introduced the world to a very special paranormal investigator created by R.P. Steeves. A woman with archaic sensibilities…which is actually rather understandable because she is archaic herself. You see, this private investigator has lived for centuries, but has recently setup shop in Washington D.C. solving mysteries with a supernatural flare and pounding in baddies who prefer fangs and claws to guns. I am, of course, talking about Misty Johnson, Supernatural DIC (Detective-in-Charge). Last year, Misty faced an enemy who drew power from the dead. In September, Misty’s back…and when it’s all over, she may need to have a flea bath. You see, werewolves are running amok in our nations capital! And that’s not the only bump-in-the-night nasty either…the foul stench of zombies are in the air as well.
THE NATIONAL MAUL (A Misty Johnson Mystery) is going to be just a purely fun romp in the supernatural underworld. Misty and Dru tackle some serious monsters while you, the reader have one thrill ride after another. I loved the first book, but this one’s even more amazing. Trust me…you will not want to miss Misty’s mystery of The National Maul! Coming late September.

When I first started thinking about becoming more serious about writing and publishing…heck, when I decided to go pro…there was one author who contributed more to that decision than anyone else. I had become a Jeremy Robinson fan the moment I first read his awesome book KRONOS. As a matter of fact, Jeremy was the very first author I ever featured on this blog. That’s how big a part of my writing life he is. Anyway, Jeremy started out very similar to me…self-published his first book, then started his own publishing company. But then, his career took off and he started writing what I still call The Chess Team Adventures (though St. Martin’s Press decided to call them The Jack Sigler Thrillers). I became a HUGE fan of the Chess Team the moment I read the first book in the series entitled PULSE and I’ve been hooked ever since.
So, when Jeremy came to me and wondered if 7R would be interested in publishing the print edition for the fourth installment of the Jack Sigler series, I jumped at the chance! How awesome would that be? How awesome would it be to not only publish one of my favorite authors, but also to publish a book from a hugely popular Big Six franchise?! And so, work began on the print edition of RAGNAROK (co-written by Kane Gilmour, Jeremy’s editor for his Last Hunter series and awesome writing pal).

Like I said, RAGNAROK (which will be released October 23) is the fourth book in the series (following Pulse, Instinct, and Threshold), but the beauty is that you don’t have to read these books in order. I’ll fill you in what exactly what the Chess Team is a bit later on. For now, let me just share what this particular thrillfest is all about (hint…if you love aliens, guns, black-ops, and Norse mythology…you’re gonna freak!):
It starts with a thunderous crack and a flash of light. Screams come next. Then the hunters. With a staccato flicker, the light disappears and everything within a hundred yard radius goes with it. A massive crater is all that remains where a chunk of the world has gone missing. 

As the deadly phenomenon repeats and expands amidst the world’s most densely populated cities—carving apartment buildings in half, scooping away entire city blocks, and claiming thousands of lives—Jack Sigler, Callsign: King and his black ops team take action. But the team is broken, spread across the globe and vulnerable. Scrambling to make sense of the violent disappearances and fighting to reunite, the team comes face-to-face with an otherworldly enemy capable of making the fearless…terrified. 

Taking the battle to the ends of the Earth—and beyond—the team combats a savage enemy whose centuries-old plan for mankind has nearly reached fruition. If they fail, the planet will become little more than a fully stocked food cache for a creature whose presence heralds the beginning of Ragnarök—and the extinction of the human race.


November will be extra special with two…count them TWO releases! First up is Candace Bowen Early’s follow-up to the HUGELY successful A Knight of Silence (AKOS). This one, entitled A KNIGHT OF BATTLE, will follow many of the characters from the first one and of course, contain the extremely accurate historical backdrop that the first book is known for. Oh, and let’s not forget the romance…lots and lots of romance! As many of you know, AKOS was Seven Realms first and only romance novel. And though it was highly successful with a very large following, I had originally decided not to continue publishing the series. The reason was simple. I know nothing about romance novels. We had originally published AKOS when I had a business partner who loved romances. When she left, I just honestly didn’t know what to do with them.
Ahem…then comes Candace’s army of fans pounding on my virtual doors. They were not happy. Not happy at all. They wanted to find out what happened next in the series in the worst way. I’m dead serious…I’ve never had such a response from ANY of the novels we’ve published. The emails I received in support for sticking with Candace Bowen Early’s KNIGHT series was astronomical. And so, I happily agreed. So feast your eyes on the brand new cover…just revealed today…as well as the back cover blurb to find out more about this book. 

An attraction too great to deny … a misunderstanding gone horribly awry…

Narrowly escaping King Henry’s wrath, Sir Albin struggles with temptation as he accepts a mission for his liege, Baron Fulke of Erlegh. After a simple misunderstanding turns deadly, Sir Albin finds himself in a battle for his life and all he holds dear.

Forced into adulthood before her time, Lecie of Rochester dares to dream of a life with the handsome knight who often visits the family inn. Accused of murder, she finds herself in a hangman’s noose with time running out.

In a battle for life itself, the two lovers struggle to settle their differences before fate separates them forever.

Let me just say this, however, before we proceed…Candace’s romances make even the most die-hard non-romance loving people think twice about the genre. She’s an amazing author and A Knight of Battle will be even more amazing than the first in the series!! Stay tune and I’ll keep you posted on this.

The second book that will be released in November is mine. Wait. Did I just hear a collective gasp? I can’t tell you how many emails and comments I’ve asked about when the next ENIGMA Directive book is coming out. Well, friends…I can tell you. The book is finished. It is currently going through edits and revisions. And yes, it will be released this November! Trust me here…I think you’ll find the wait well worth it. I can honestly say that DEVIL’S CHILD (Book 3 of The ENIGMA Directive series) is by far the best I’ve ever written. With action, humor, suspense, and actually a pretty good whodunnit mystery…this one has it all.
This book finds Jack and the ENIGMA team heading to New York City (against orders) when Jack’s childhood friend is savagely mauled by a creature that can only be described as demonic. Investigating further, Jack discovers that a group of cryptids known as the Jersey Devil have migrated north to Manhattan and are mysterious attacking seemingly random strangers on the street. The suspects behind the attacks are many…the allies are few…and time is running out for the citizens of the Big Apple.
Seriously can’t wait to get this out to you guys. I think (I hope) you’re going to love it. Honestly, it was the most fun book I’ve written so far!


And finally, just in time to get all those Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and other e-reading devices you get for Christmas nice and broken in, we’ll be publishing the third installment of Rick Chesler’s Tara Shores thrillers entitled SOLAR ISLAND!
If you’re unfamiliar with Rick Chesler or his kick-butt FBI heroine Tara Shores, you’re certainly missing out! Tara made her debut in the incredibly fun thriller from Variance Publishing WIRED KINGDOM, about a murder at sea caught on a camera attached to a whale. It just gets crazy from there! Then, Chesler followed up soon after with KiDNApped…a scientist is kidnapped and the only means to message the outside world comes in the form of a code he develops inside DNA strands! Yeah…you guys will definitely want to pick up these books. 
However, in December, we’ll be releasing the very best of the series with SOLAR ISLAND! I’m telling you…I absolutely loved this book and I know you will too. 
Here’s what it’s about:

A madman uses a floating energy production platform as an opportunity to establish his own rogue nation. After the FBI receives an alarming and unusual call for help originating from the artificial island, Special Agent Tara Shores goes undercover as a reporter in the South Pacific. Once there, she uncovers a tightly run dystopia reflecting the distorted visions of the island’s reclusive creator. As a powerful hurricane bears down on the island, Tara must find a way to bring a murderer to justice while saving herself and averting an international energy crisis.

Sounds wild, right? Oh yeah it does. 🙂
So, see? This is going to be one crazy rest of the 2012 year! With some absolutely stellar books for you to dig into. And this doesn’t even include the audiobooks we’ll have coming out between now and January. That’s a blog post all on its own. But I think I’ve kept you long enough for now. Thank you for taking the time to hang out and check out the upcoming books 7R will be releasing. I hope you’ll spread the word about them. Hope you’ll plan your reading schedule the same as I used to do my Saturday morning cartoon watching schedule and support us and the authors however you can. 
Thanks again! And remember to leave a comment to let me know what you think. 

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