Today’s Blog Post: My Sincerest Apologies or…That’s Totally Crazy Awesome!

Where do I even begin? Oh, my wonderful and faithful friends!!! How could I have neglected you for so long? How could I have not have reached out to talk to you about the joys of all things books? How could I not introduce you to new authors everywhere? It’s been since September since I last blogged and for that, friends, I must humbly apologize. It wasn’t my intent to be gone for so long. But you know how it is…life sometimes gets in the way.
But in my case, it wasn’t just your typical average life that got in the way. It was the life of a writer AND a successful publisher. Yes, dear friends, I’m going to use the age old excuse “Man, I was just too busy.” The difference here is that, I truly mean it and when I share all that’s happened since my last blog post, I think you may just agree with me and not only accept my apology, but think “That’s totally crazy awesome!”
So, what have I been doing with myself since September? For starters, I finished DEVIL’S CHILD, book 3 of The ENIGMA Directive series. Yep. That’s right. The highly anticipated third installment is finished and is currently going through last minute copy edits. I had expected a November release, but after finishing Devil’s Child, I went back and made some pretty large changes to the final five chapters which set me back a few weeks. That being said, be looking for this super fun read a few weeks before Christmas!
Oh wait! Speaking of DEVIL’S CHILD, I should make sure I tell you that a new villain (an old enemy of Jack’s) rears his ugly little head in this book that sets everything up for Book 4. The villain’s name is Freakshow and he’s a bit of a crazy gameshow host who uses cryptids hunting humans for a web-based reality show. None of that factors into Devil’s Child though…I’m just setting the villain up in it. But if you want to find out more about Freakshow, I can’t recommend my ENIGMA Directive short story FREAKSHOW enough. It originally appeared in the Seven Realms anthology THE GAME…but it is now available as a separate ebook on all major e-readers for only $0.99. 
And here’s the link to Smashwords (which includes the epub version for Nook, etc):
So what else have I been working on since September that’s kept me from my blogging duties? Well, maybe this image might help…
Yeah, this has been, without a doubt, one of the busiest years in Seven Realms Publishing history. By the end of 2012, we will have published thirteen titles!! Hear that? THIRTEEN! Including some of the best authors on the market today…people like David Sakmyster, R.P. Steeves, Candace C. Bowen, Rick Chesler, and the AMAZING Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour. 
That’s right. We were able to publish Book 4 of the Jack Sigler/Chess Team adventures…RAGNAROK (in print). I can’t tell you how awesome that was for me! I’ve been a Jeremy Robinson fan since back before I considered actually pursuing my own writing career (he was the first author I actually ever featured on this blog actually). So that was a huge honor for me! But as you can see…just the lineup of titles alone were enough to keep me swamped in work. 
But that’s not all. Seven Realms has also been hard at work building up our audiobook lineup! I’ve already talked in depth about audiobooks in previous posts, so I’ll spare you. Needless to say, since September, we’ve released several new audiobooks for your listening pleasure:
  • Rally ‘Round the Corpse (A Abel Adventures Mystery) by Hy Conrad (Narrated by Karen Savage)
  • Buried Lie (A Young Ace Roberts Adventure) by Kerry Frey (Narrated by Barry Campbell)
  • Into the Black (A Nick Kismet Adventure) by Sean Ellis (Narrated by Andy Babinski)
  • The Affairs of Men (A John Logan Thriller) by Rick Nichols (Narrated by Lucas Smith)
And coming soon!!!!
  • The Djinn by J. Kent Holloway (Narrated by Wayne Farrell)
  • The Midnight Eye Files: The Amulet by William Meikle (Narrated by R.C. Bray)
So, let’s see…is that all? Is that all that’s kept me busy? Not by a long shot! And here’s where I get even more excited. First of all, the bad news (at least for you authors out there). I’m cutting back on the titles that Seven Realms releases in 2013. I mean…a MAJOR cut in titles. I only plan on releasing about six titles by pre-established 7R authors next year (i.e. more John Logan, Misty Johnson, and Nick Kismet as well as a thriller by Candace C. Bowen). But the main reason I’m doing this is to allow time for the numerous projects I already have for myself. 2013 will be Kent time. It will be used to write several books I have been planning for a while. 
And part of what I’ve been doing since September of this year is planning and plotting those books! The first thing I can’t way to share with you are the details of The Dark Hollows series! That’s right…you’re about to get more of the Dark Hollows and trust me, it’s going to be amazing. The overarching plot line for this trilogy has me so excited, I’m working non-stop to get book 2 done even as I we speak. Book 2 is called THE DIRGE OF BRIARSNARE MARSH and should be available in May 2013 (maybe earlier). Book 3 will be called THE NIGHT OF THE WILLOW HAG and should be released early 2014. PLUS I’m re-releasing THE CURSE OF ONE-EYED JACK this month with a brand new cover (and corrected continuity issues in the print edition). Here’s a sneak peek!
But wait! There’s more! Not only am I already hard at work on the next two Dark Hollow Mysteries, I’m also currently working on a new paranormal thriller co-authored by the wonderfully talented Kane Gilmour! You may know Kane from his work on RAGAROK with Jeremy Robinson. Or his work on the Chess Team Novella about Deep Blue. Or his own fantastic thriller RESURRECT. 
This story that Kane and I are working on is something completely different from anything either of us have done so far. It all started with a joke I’d made on Facebook. “I’m tired of zombie and vampire and werewolf stories. They’ve been done to death! One of these days, I’m going to write a ‘Mole Man’ story!” Well, Kane saw that post, we started talking, and came up with the idea for SUBTROPOLIS!
Here’s the rough synopsis for what the story will be about: 
A subterranean city stretches under every mile of Interstate highway in the US. Originally constructed to house toxic and nuclear waste (without the public’s knowledge), people who have shunned the world above now live in the system of tunnels and chambers, and use it as a network for transportation. But other things also lurk in the depths…

When a college coed is attacked by a vicious assassin at an Interstate rest-stop, one of the underworld’s denizens rescues her, and then for her own safety, abducts her and brings her into the depths. Medical Examiner Malcolm West and rogue supernatural reporter Alex Davenport follow the coed’s trail into the strange and twisted world of…SUBTROPOLIS.
Seriously…tell me that doesn’t sound AWESOME!? (If I do say so myself! Haha! Remember…I ONLY write books that I’d want to read, so I’m just as excited to read this book as anyone). SUBTROPOLIS is scheduled for release Fall 2013!
Anyway, so as you can see…I’ve truly been busy. I haven’t been slacking. But here’s what I promise you…I’ll do my best to resume my regular blogging duties. Every week…one blog post (sometimes more, but don’t hold your breath!). I will also promise to always try to have something here that is entertaining and fun. And I promise (and I think the record speaks for itself) that I won’t talk about myself much at all. We will soon get back to interviewing and featuring writers and other people in the publishing industry that I think you should get to know.
So do we have a deal? Do you accept my apology? If so, come back next week (and tell your friends!). And once again, thank you all for being so awesome. 

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