So June is audiobook appreciation month!!! So you might be asking, “Um, dude…it’s June 23. What
took you so long to tell us about it?” The answer is simple. I have absolutely no innate sense of timing! But what I do have is a deep felt love for audiobooks. You all know that I have spent several posts extolling the wonders and joy of audiobooks, right? Yep. As a super busy, world renowned international author and publisher (um, yeah…that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but a guy can dream, right?), it’s difficult to find the time to actually sit down for any length of time and read a book. However, one other hat I often wear…that of a real life Forensic Death Investigator…I spend a great deal of time on the road. Because of that, there’s nothing better than listening to an audiobook while I’m driving an hour and a half to a crime scene. Yeah, that’s just one of the many reasons why I love audiobooks.
So when the incredibly talented Jeffrey Kafer (the audiobook narrator for Seven Realms’ very own THE SUPERNATURALS by David Golemon) asked me to do a blog post about Audiobook Appreciation Month, I jumped at the chance…on one condition: Kafer had to agree to do a little spitballing interview with me. I’m glad I did! Because he shared some stuff that makes this celebration of the audiobook medium even extra special! 
So tell us a little about yourself.
I’m an audiobook narrator. I’ve done over 100 books at this point for such authors as Jeremy Robinson, Jeff Carlson, David Wood, Jim Bernheimer….
Never heard of ‘em.
… and Clive Barker.
Wait, what? You narrated something by Clive Barker? 
Yep, I produced and co-narrated his original Books of Blood. I’m also scheduled to narrate The Hellbound Heart, the book that the movie Hellraiser was based on. 
That’s cool. 
So what is JIAM?
JIAM stands for June Is Audiobook Month, a time to bring attention to the world of audiobooks. Why do we need a month to celebrate ourselves? Because we’re actors and we demand attention. Aside from that, it’s a reminder that audiobooks are available all over the place, and oftentimes free, and provide a viable reading alternative for drivers, active people, visually impaired, etc.
And this year, we’ve decided to give back to the community through Going Public…. In Shorts.
Um, what? 
Going Public…In Shorts is the brainchild of narrator extraordinaire, Xe Sands . Every Friday, she narrates and releases a short story in the public domain as a way of bringing new life to old classics. With Going Public…In Shorts, we’ve taken that one step further and are releasing a retail download of several hours of public domain short stories for sale, narrated by the top audiobook narrators in the business. They also let me be in it.
Oh, so it’s a quick money grab for you? How nice. 
Absolutely not! We produced this in collaboration with Audiogo  (Formerly BBC audiobooks) and Blackstone Audio and all proceeds are going to benefit Reach out and Read, a non-profit that partners with doctors and pediatricians to give out books and encourage children to be read to at an early age. Like I said, it’s our chance to band together and show the world that we’re not just a bunch of spoiled performers. We’re a bunch of spoiled performers who love to give.
So you’re in this project?
I am. I decided to read the story The Monkey’s Paw, one of my favorite scary stories as a kid. The first time I heard it was on a cassette tape of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s series Nightfall. It was a full cast drama with special effects and everything. Scared the pants off me. I was thrilled to be able to read it for this project. (Check out the full story here!)

Cool. Anything else? 
Throughout June, in celebration of June is Audiobook Month, we’re streaming the stories online if you’d like to listen in a browser for free. Or if you want to buy individual stories like mine or the entire collection, you can grab it at
So what’s next for you?
I’ve got a bunch of titles in the works. Some sci-fi, thrillers, action. Even a romance.
Dude. You’re doing a romance?
Yeah, but it’s got firefighters and lots of action, so it’s ok.
Thanks Jeffrey. Awesome interview…and an awesome way to celebrate JIAM! This sounds amazing and such an incredible cause. I hope everyone will take the time to check out Jeffrey’s THE MONKEY’S PAW excerpt above, but also hope you guys will support this great group of narrators and their wonderful endeavor.

Want to know MORE about this project? Then check out these blogs for more information!

And Jeffrey Kafer’s own website:

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  1. There has never been a better time for audio books! The digital revolution has, well… revolutionized the format. Books on tape were so impractical. But in MP3 form on a mobile device or your phone? That's a perfect storm of technology and innovation meeting with the audio book format. There should be an entire month dedicated to this! More people need to consider this as a viable way to consume books!

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