Winners of the Jack Birthday Celebration!

Last week, we celebrated the fifth birthday of Dr. Obadiah “Jack” Jackson and it was amazing. Lots of cake and ice cream to go around. But some of you weren’t able to attend our little get-together and for that I’m truly sorry. You missed out. Ezekiel Crane brought some of Granny’s patented moonshine. Doc Savage and Dodge Dalton rocked out with a few sets from Buckaroo Banzai’s greatest hits. Jack Sigler and John Rambo arm wrestled. It was just a fantastic time. Sorry you missed out. 
But because Jack loves you guys so much, last week he asked me to give out some birthday presents to you “Hobbit-style” (his words, not mine). You know…that tradition that hobbits do where they give presents away on their birthday, as opposed to getting them? Yeah, Jack’s kind of a nerd that way. So, the question became…with such limited resources, how was I supposed to choose who’d get the presents? 
Well, I came up with the idea to choose random names from a list of people who “shared” last week’s blogs all over the Internet.  We had a grand total of thirty-six different names across a large number of different social sites (Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, etc.), but we could only choose four to win.
The gifts were as follows: 
  1. A PRIMAL THIRST full size poster
  2. A choice of a “The Night of the Willow Hag” tablet/laptop carrying case or a DJINN mousepad.
  3. A “Works of J. Kent Holloway” 11 oz coffee mug
  4. (Grand Prize) A Kindle Paperwhite.
Well, I found a neat little “Name Randomizer” app online, plugged in all 36 names that had informed me they’d shared last week’s blog, and voila! I’ve now got the winners’ names!
So here’s how we’re going to do this. I’m going to list the winner’s first name, last initial here. I’ll also contact you through your specific social media site, and ask you for your address so I can send the prize on to you. 
So here goes:
  1. PRIMAL THIRST poster – Lisa F.
  2. Tablet case/mousepad – Jeni H. 
  3. Mug – Andrea P.
  4. Kindle Paperwhite – Pam S.

Congratulations guys! And for those of you who shared, but didn’t win…I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for you doing so. You can’t imagine who much help a simple share can do for a struggling writer trying to find a niche for himself among those much greater than himself.

Thanks again! And tune in next week as the blog resumes its regularly scheduled programs. 🙂

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