J. Kent Holloway

Forensic Death Investigator, Mystery Writer, and Christian Nonfiction Author

Bestselling author Kent Holloway lives on death. Literally. With more than twenty-four years' experience in forensic death investigations, he's seen it all. Experienced the worst that life has to give and never let it dim his sense of wonder or humor. Now, he brings all this experience, along with a zeal for uncovering the folklore and superstitions of death, to the written page as author of mysteries, forensic crime fiction, paranormal thrillers, and Christian fiction and nonfiction!

He is the author of the highly acclaimed Ezekiel Crane paranormal mystery series, as well as some of his more traditional mysteries, KILLYPSO ISLAND and the forensic thriller, CLEAN EXIT. He's even started a series wherein Death himself takes on the role of sleuth in the witty and twisty DEATH WARMED OVER.

Kent Holloway also has a Master's degree in Biblical Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as singles minister, evangelism pastor, and director of discipleship and education. Kent is currently working on his very first Christian nonfiction book entitled 'I Died Swallowing a Goldfish and Other Life Lessons from the Morgue'.


I write mysteries. I write paranormal mysteries. I write about folklore and religion and myths. And through it all, I weave in and out of it the simple truths of death, and through that...Life.


I'm a huge fan of Jim Butcher and his Dresden Files series. Also a big fan (and proud to call friend) of Jeremy Robinson and his amazing thrillers. William Meikle is also one of my inspirations. His ability to weave deep-seated mythos into his stories never fails to amaze. And ultimately, a lifelong fan of Tolkien, Lewis, and Arthur Conan Doyle.


I love playing video games. My favorite series is, and will always be, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series, but I'm also a huge fan of the Uncharted series. But if I had to pick the greatest video game of all time, I would have to say THE LAST OF US wins the prize hands down.

Graphic Design

There is just something wonderfully cathartic about designing a book cover or just designing anything really. I even love designing book interiors. There's something especially relaxing about it. And while my author friend David Wood likes to tease me about it, I don't mind. There's a certain kind of zen about putting an image together from an assembly of other images. Order out of chaos. Feels good.

Public Speaking

A lot of people don't know this about me, but I love to get up in front of crowds and have conversations with them. I'm a preacher, but more importantly, I'm a teacher. I love sharing knowledge...especially when it comes to the Bible and God. But also love talking about forensics too. And writing. Heck, give me a podium, and I'll speak to the trees if they'll listen.

Legend Tripping

What's legend tripping? It's sort of a catch-all to anything fortean (paranormal or legendary). I hunt ghosts. I hunt cryptids. But mostly, I hunt folklore and myths. I like getting to the heart of legends and exploring the reasons they exist to begin with.

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."

Groucho Marx
Guest Appearances
Presentations All Around The Globe

I am available for speaking engagements anywhere in the world. Just name the date, time, and place, and I'll be there.

Possible Topics (not all inclusive):

  • Death investigations (for both civilian organizations and law enforcement)
  • Weird cases
  • Comparative religions with special emphasis on -African-Caribbe groups like voodoo, Palo Mayombe, and Santeria.

Perfect for church groups, community organization, law enforcement agencies, and anything in between.

The only thing that I ask is that travel and hotel expenses be paid for.

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