About Me

311991_2109476705927_588309642_nInternational bestselling author Kent Holloway lives on death. Literally. With more than twenty-two years’ experience in forensic death investigations, he’s seen it all. Experienced the worst that life has to give and never let it dim his sense of wonder or humor. Now, he brings all this experience, along with a zeal for uncovering the folklore and superstitions of death, to the written page as author of paranormal mysteries and thrillers.

He is the author of six paranormal thrillers, including his highly acclaimed Ezekiel Crane series, as well as his forensic thriller, CLEAN EXIT. He’s also written his first installment of a pirate fantasy called the Tombstone Voodoo—a series that steps directly into the world of the dead—in the shared pirate world series, Tattered Sails.

Death investigations isn’t his only foray into the darker side of life. He’s also worked as a private investigator and a newspaper reporter covering the crime beat in Florida. When he’s not writing, designing book covers, or investigating deaths, he spends much of his spare time researching folklore, as well as investigating ghosts and cryptids throughout northeast Florida.