As Futurama’s Bender would say, “I’m back, baby!”

So yeah. It’s been a while. As a matter of fact, this blog was shut down for about a year as I explored other avenues and opted for a little while to have a more traditional website. But honestly, that was just kind of boring. Here’s the thing…although I’m a bit of an introvert, I’m more of an extroverted introvert, I think. I enjoy chatting with you guys. Enjoy interacting. Enjoy your interactions with me. I just wasn’t getting that with a boring old website. So yeah, as TV’s Bender would say: I’m back, baby! 
And boy, do we have a lot to discuss. A lot to reveal. A lot to introduce you guys to. So let’s get started. 
Since last year’s release of the third Ezekiel Crane mystery, Ghostfeast, and my short novella, Night of the Toad King, a lot of you might be wondering what I’ve been working on lately. Well, I think a lot of you are going to be pretty excited to know that I’ve dedicated 2018 to the year of THE WINTERKING. 
As you know, for a VERY brief period of time a couple of years ago, I released my first epic fantasy adventure, The Legend of the Winterking: The Crown of Nandur. But I pulled it from the market within months of its release because of some technical and editorial issues with the book. I was so disheartened by it (remember, this series was the entire reason I started writing to begin with, so this was my baby. The fact that it had such issues nearly devastated me.), that I put the book away and moved onto other things. 
Well, after writing a few books since, I decided to try my hand at revising the first book and fixing all those issues. I’m pleased to announce that the book has been fully re-edited, revised, and I made a few changes to boot. I’ve since started shopping the book out to agents and publishers and am currently awaiting word from them. I may also be changing the title to simply Winter’s Heir (Book 1 of the Winterking Saga) [It really depends on whether the book gets picked up or if I publish it myself.]
But I’m not resting on my laurels. Oh, no. I’m also proud to announce that I’m several chapters into the second book in the trilogy, Winter’s Knight (Book 2 of the Winterking Saga). The plan is to have book two finished by around Halloween 2018. And if no agents or publishers pick book one up by then, I’ll release both books around Thanksgiving 2018 in time for Christmas! So keep your eyes and ears open for that. 
So that’s my writing plan for this year. But there’s more exciting news to tell!
If you haven’t heard, NY Times bestselling author David L. Golemon and I have partnered together and are in the beginning stages of starting our own publishing company. QUOTH Publications will start out by publishing brand new titles from David, as well as re-publishing his entire EVENT Group  and The Supernaturals series. After we get things up and running, we’ll then be opening the doors to authors everywhere who write thrillers of all kinds. More on that later though. 
And finally, this blog. So what does the future hold for this blog? Well, that sort of goes with the future of my own writing career, I guess. See, I’m going to start writing more works of Christian speculative fiction. Yeah, my books have always been ‘family friendly’. Many would even consider them ‘Christian’ anyway. Honestly, it’s a gray area. Truth be told, my faith in Christ always comes through in my stories. But I’m dedicating myself to writing more books specifically for the Christian market. 
Unfortunately, the market for Christian ‘speculative fiction’ (i.e. sci-fi, fantasy, etc. genres) is kind of untouched. If you go to your average Christian bookstore, most of the fiction you’ll see are ‘Amish romances’ and literary fiction. Christian booksellers are wary about Christian stories concerning aliens and monsters and magic. Therefore, the average Christian readers just don’t know such books even exist. But I’ve got good news! They do! And there are some REALLY amazing reads out there.

So, for the foreseeable future, I’m going to focus this blog on introducing you guys to some of these awesome Christian authors and their books. Just like the old days, I’ll be doing interviews with them and giving you a taste of what you’re in for when you pick up their books. I think you’re really going to enjoy it. And trust me…even if you’re not a Christian, many of these books and authors I’m going to introduce you to will appeal to your tastes as well. I promise you that.

That being said, just be on the lookout for future posts. I’m going to try to do one each week. Maybe bi-weekly. We’ll just have to see how things go. But one thing is for sure…I’m glad to be back, baby. 🙂

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