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38164214_1942879046012407_6254935669743812608_nCo-written by NY Times Bestselling author David L. Golemon

On a lonely stretch of rural Tennessee highway, there is a crumbling roadside attraction known as Bevvy Martin’s Marvelous Carnival. Once, it was a popular destination for road trippers, but time is a cruel master. The Interstates came and visitors found new distractions, and despite the best efforts of the Martin family to find new acts and attractions to keep their legacy alive, the Marvelous Carnival creeps into oblivion….

But now the world’s attention is once more on that lonely roadside freakshow. A raid intended to rescue ten-year-old Ava Wallace from the alleged abuses of her foster family has gone horribly wrong. Thirteen state troopers and six Child Protective Services personnel are dead, their mutilated bodies hanging from carnival rides like grotesque Christmas ornaments. Several more bodies—members of the Martin clan—are strewn across the property. Gertie Martin, Bevvy Martin’s granddaughter and matriarch of the family—has survived and when she surrenders herself to authorities, she tells an unbelievable tale.

Ava, who forever hides her deformed face behind a porcelain doll mask, appears to possess fantastic psychokinetic abilities. Gertie Martin, who raised Ava from birth, had thought to exploit her paranormal abilities in the Marvelous Carnival, but Ava’s power has now grown beyond her control, as the massacre of the state troopers amply demonstrates.

Investigators put little stock in Gertie’s explanation for the mass murder, but with no better alternatives, they have to at least make an effort to debunk the unbelievable claim, and there’s no one better suited than Professor Gabriel Kennedy and his team of ghost hunting paranormal detectives—The Supernaturals.

As the team begins looking into the mystery, they soon realize that Gertie is wrong. The truth about the girl’s abilities is far darker than anyone suspects. Ava is connected to a powerful and destructive force, an entity that will destroy anyone who threatens the girl.

And unmasking her terrible secret may be the greatest threat of all.

Coming late Spring 2019!