I Died Swallowing a Goldfish and Other Life Lessons from the Morgue

A collection of twenty weird cases I've worked as a forensic death investigator and the lessons I've learned from them. Death may not be pretty, but it's a mighty fine teacher!

Currently seeking publication. News on release date to come ASAP!

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A Story About


Life can be awkward. Death even more so. During my 25-years of investigating death, I've come across some really strange cases. I plan on sharing a few of them with you in this book.


I'll show you how some of the strangest aspects of these cases can teach us to live richer, fuller lives...and not always in the way you might think.


And through it all, I'll remind everyone that death isn't natural. It was never meant to be part of the human experience. God loves us too much for that. But we face death every day nonetheless. Fortunately, God's love provided us a way to escape it and I'll show you how!

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