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The Cursed

An Ezekiel Crane Mystery

One-Eyed Jack has returned…

FBI crime analyst Kili Brennan has come to Boone Creek, in the Appalachian foothills of Kentucky, looking for her missing brother…looking for answers. Instead, she finds a world of suspicion and superstition. Locals say her brother, and a string of others, may have been killed by One-Eyed Jack–the fabled giant guardian that protects the fantastic archaeological monument he was researching.

As Kili’s search intensifies, the danger escalates, and the only person that can help her is a man whose mysterious past might be just as frightening, and infinitely more dangerous, than the dark secrets she is determined to uncover.

A man named Ezekiel Crane.

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The Deathsong

An Ezekiel Crane Mystery

A song of mourning...and warning.

From the depths of Briarsnare Marsh, the Yunwi Tsunsdi--the Little People--sing their dirge when death approaches to claim a soul. Sometimes though, even death can be fooled.

The residents of Boone Creek are shocked by the grisly discovery of seven mutilated corpses--their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters--but an even bigger surprise awaits them when the grave gives up its victims.

This miraculous resurrection has not gone unnoticed. The Leechers--thirteen men, doomed to walk for all eternity in the shadowland between life and death, bound by a curse to hunt those who would use uncanny power--unleash their judgment on anyone with a connection to those who have returned.

Now it's up to Ezekiel Crane, the enigmatic seventh son of a seventh son, to thwart the Leechers' grisly mission and discover who has sent them to wreak vengeance on the sleepy Appalachian hamlet he is sworn to protect.

The dirge is being sung. Death is coming to the Dark Hollows...with a vengeance.

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The Ghostfeast

An Ezekiel Crane Mystery

A choice will be made.
A destiny will be fulfilled.
A soul will be devoured.

In folklore, the Sin-Eater comes to the dead and dying, ritually consuming a meal that symbolizes their sins, granting them absolution and a peaceful transition to the hereafter.

In Boone Creek, Kentucky, the Sin-Eater is devouring something else--the souls of the living--and it's up to the cursed seventh son of a seventh son, Ezekiel Crane, to stop him.

But as the investigation deepens, Crane will discover that the rampage of the Sin-Eater in his own hometown is no coincidence, and the search for the truth will take him down a dark path...a path set by his lifelong enemy, the malevolent Willow Hag.

A path to the Ghostfeast, where everything will end.

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