Let Me Introduce You To…THE DJINN

Genie. It’s a strange word, isn’t it? It comes from the Latin word “genius” which referred to guardian spirits. The Arabs picked up on the word and it became djinn, which literally means secretive, invisible, or stealthy. It soon became a broad category covering a multitude of mythological creatures…a loose hierarchy of benevolent and malicious spirits that walked among humans.  In the fourteenth century, the English translation of the word became what we know today—genie.
I know a great deal about them. To be more precise, my family does. For centuries, we’ve been haunted by these mysterious, dark spirits. They offer no wishes. Only curses and a heavy burden.
Many priests, kings, and lawmen through the generations have accused my kin of collaborating with these “demonic beings.” Some of them were burned as witches or devil worshippers. Others were tortured for the secrets they possessed. Some were simply driven from their homes and banished from villages. The accusations were not altogether untrue. It all depends on your perspective. It’s all in how you look at it. There is absolute truth and then, there is the truth that we have wanted you to see. That’s how it works.
I can’t really explain it. It’s better to tell you the story of how it all began, I suppose, than to try to explain a secret that my family has kept for nearly a thousand years. As I now lay dying, blood soaking through my jet black London Fog jacket, in a rain drenched alley in Miami, I feel compelled to tell the tale. The story of the very first Djinn.
I have no heirs. The Djinn line will more than likely die with me. So, I leave it to you, my killer…my noble adversary…to know the secret. It’s what you have sought all these years. It’s what your colleagues have ridiculed you over for so many years. Now, you will have your answers. It is my final gift to you. Use the knowledge wisely.
It began just after the Second Crusade. The City of God.
And so began the prologue that never was. The prologue that was originally part of my latest novel THE DJINN until I cut it for another, more dynamic one. But I think it gives you a pretty fair assessment of the tone of the book. It gives you a taste of what is to come. It gives you a feel for how the story plays out.
So The Djinn…what’s it about? Hmmm…well, that’s a little difficult to explain. Even more difficult if I don’t want to reveal any spoilers. It may not be exactly what you think. First of all, it’s an adventure story set between the second and third Crusades during a period known as the first Jerusalem Kingdom. If you saw the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”, then it’s pretty much set about that same time period. Maybe about three or four years before Orlando Bloom showed his female heart-stopping face.
But it’s not just an adventure tale. There’s also a mystery as well. Only, in this instance, the reader and characters aren’t trying to figure out who the villain is. They’re trying to figure out who or what the protagonist…the Djinn…is. Is the Djinn a dark spirit of vengeance? Is it a demon? Is it an angel? Is it merely a man with amazing prowess and an inability to be harmed by sword or arrow?
Finally, I guess you could say it’s a tribute of sorts too. An homage to all my favorite superheroes who battled villains no matter the cost. In many ways, the Djinn was inspired by characters such as Batman, or perhaps more precisely, Zorro. Heroes who, donning a mask and veiling themselves in mystery and fear, they battle the forces of evil to defend those much weaker than themselves.
Okay, so some might ask where the ideas came from. What inspired me to take a break from my successful ENIGMA Directive series and write a stand alone novel (FYI, this could be the first of a series, but it also could be a stand alone. I haven’t decided)? Well, it all started with a song. Huh? You heard me. A song. I know it’s strange coming from me since I’m not a big fan of music in general. But one day, my best friend had me listen to a song he had on his MP3 player. It was some type of techno music with an Arabic sound. And though I didn’t like the music all that much, my friend asked me a simple question: Couldn’t you just see some sort of Batman-eque character leaping the rooftops of some Middle Eastern city during the crusades to this music? And The Djinn was born directly out of that question.
Indeed, I could. And I set out to write it. As a matter of fact, it was the FIRST novel I ever completed. That’s right. Before Primal Thirst, I had written The Djinn. But I just wasn’t happy with it. The concept was cool, but the story was just flat. So I stewed over it for four long years. Then, one day out of the blue…BAM! I knew what the story was missing. I knew where I’d been going wrong. I knew exactly what I needed to take the story up to the next level and make it just a fun, popcorn munching read. From that point on, the story pretty much re-wrote itself.
So now, the book is finally finished and has just become available on all ebook formats: Kindle, Nook, and all other ebook formats via Smashwords. The print edition will be available around April 3rd, by the way. But one cool little tidbit…for people who buy the ebook version, you’ll get cool bonus material: the first two chapters of DEVIL’S CHILD, book 3 of The ENIGMA Directive which should be available later this year.
Here is the back cover copy:
A Holy Land…A Holy War…An Unholy Terror
In the final years of the first Kingdom of Jerusalem, in a vault, hidden deep beneath the Temple Mount, Baron Gregory De L’Ombre has made an astonishing discovery.  Imprisoned within the vault are twelve monstrous abominations, created by one of King Solomon’s wives as a final act of revenge.  The  secrets of the vault will ensure Gregory’s absolute power and forever enslave the Outremer—the Holy Land.  No man dares stand against him.

But the Djinn is no mere man.

A creature of smoke and shadow… a living legend… only the Djinn grasps the full scope of the baron’s plans.  Only he can save the Holy Land from a fate more terrible than anyone imagines.

I hope you’ll download your copy today! Oh, and be sure to tell your friends about it too. Here are some links for you:

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