Clean Exit (An Ajax Clean Forensic Thriller, Book 1)

Someone is out to get Ajax Clean, forensic cleaner for the mob. Is it the Haitian hitman with a chip on his shoulder? The mafia don who’s behind bars? The government spooks who’ve been hounding him for the last few weeks? Or someone from Clean’s past?


Anton Jax—Ajax Clean, to those who know—is a professional cleaner. As in cleaner for the mob. Bloodstains on your shirt? No problem. Fingerprints and DNA evidence all over the crime scene, enough to put you away forever? For the right price, Clean will make it all go away.

But now someone wants to make Ajax Clean go away.

His instincts told him the job was too good to be true. He should have trusted them. Two dead bodies, trace evidence pointing to him everywhere, and those sirens he hears in the distance?

Yeah, coming for him.

On the run, Clean will have to take help where he can get it; from a half-crazed voodoo hitman, a retired homicide detective, and the beautiful young medical examiner Clean is desperately trying to protect. All he has to do now is survive long enough to clear his name, get some payback, and maybe, if he’s lucky, make a clean exit.


  • First book I read by this author and loved it!

    This was my first book by this author. I happened upon the author by a coworker who is an acquaintance of his. Absolutely loved it!! Had to force myself to put it down at times (when I should be doing other things) couldn’t wait to see what was on the next page. I would have gladly read it all in one day but work and family duties made me spread it out over two days. HOPE with fingers crossed there will be more AJAX stories in the future. ~ Amazon reviewer.

  • Ajax Clean - A Different Type of 'Hero'

    "Very much enjoyed this story: the plot twists, character developments and overall writing style. It was indeed hard to put this down and I hope the author follows through with additional volumes in this series. Love the character of Ajax Clean- a different type of 'hero'...........ADDENDUM: Just finished rereading this book and have to say the author was simply brilliant in the story telling, the plot, and the twists as previously mentioned. It was as good or better than many novels I have read and it would be veritable CRIME if Kent did not write a sequel to this." ~ Amazon Reviewer, Sally Ross.

Coming summer 2020!

Ajax Clean’s back!

When asked to help fake a tycoon’s death, Ajax thinks it’ll be a piece of cake. Then again, he doesn’t expect his client to wind up actually dead either. Now, some powerful people are after Clean’s hide, and he’s going to have to use all his wits to figure out who the real murderer is. 

Coming June 2020.