The Crown of Nandur (Book 1 of The Legend of the Winterking trilogy)

Romans, Magi, andVisigoths. Elves, dwarves, and dragons. The origins of Santa Claus like you’ve never heard it told before!


It is the end of the Age of Rome, and the beginning of a story that will last forever.

The story of a hero named Krin, whose flight from Roman Legionnaires takes him to a strange and wondrous land deep in the the wilds of Germania.

The story of the mysterious valley called Thana Pel, where the Magi of old stand watch at the chasm that separates the world we know from the world we only dream of…The land of Wyndter, the realm of the Fae.

The story of the quest to find the Crown of Nandur—the last remains of a majestic and ancient creature, as old as the world itself—a talisman that can bind the worlds together, and awaken an army of long dead dragons, buried deep in the heart of Thana Pel.

To save our world from the evil schemes of renegade magus Sair’n Kryl, Krin, accompanied by a rag-tag band of unlikely heroes, must recover the Crown of Nandur before the gates of Wyndter open, and the world of mankind is subjugated by the dark faery empire of the Winterking.



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