The Cursed (An Ezekiel Crane Mystery, Book 1)

A curse that’s gripping the small hamlet in eastern Kentucky. A monster rising up from the past. A young woman searching for her missing her brother.

And one good man feared above all else.

Welcome to Boone Creek, Kentucky!



One-Eyed Jack has returned…

FBI crime analyst Kili Brennan has come to Boone Creek, in the Appalachian foothills of Kentucky, looking for her missing brother…looking for answers. Instead, she finds a world of suspicion and superstition. Locals say her brother, and a string of others, may have been killed by One-Eyed Jack–the fabled giant guardian that protects the fantastic archaeological monument he was researching.

As Kili’s search intensifies, the danger escalates, and the only person that can help her is a man whose mysterious past might be just as frightening, and infinitely more dangerous, than the dark secrets she is determined to uncover.

A man named Ezekiel Crane.


  • A Great Read!

    "Not since Preston & Child's Agent Pendergast has there been a more mysterious, charming and fun to read sleuth as Ezekiel Crane. His mixture of southern charm, dark history and scientific know-how is intoxicating." ~ Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of ISLAND 731 and OMEGA.

  • A Spookfest of Epic Proportions!

    "Holloway skillfully weaves a back-woods tapestry of Sherlock Holmes with TV's Supernatural and Justified into a thrilling Appalachian story of magic and mayhem. The Dirge amps up the action, menace, and mojo, for a spookfest of epic proportions, with a layered mystery and surprises at every turn. Join Ezekiel Crane, and bring your ten-demon bag for another Dark Hollows adventure. This series somehow got even better." ~A Kane Gilmour, Bestselling Author of RAGNAROK and THE CRYPT OF DRACULA.


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