The Ghostfeast (An Ezekiel Crane Mystery, Book 3)

Ezekiel Crane’s on the hunt for a serial killer. But this is no ordinary killer. He’s the Sin-Eater. He kills. Captures his victim’s shades. And feasts. It’s a case like no other, and will test Crane beyond his very limits. 


A choice will be made.
A destiny will be fulfilled.
A soul will be devoured.

In folklore, the Sin-Eater comes to the dead and dying, ritually consuming a meal that symbolizes their sins, granting them absolution and a peaceful transition to the hereafter.

In Boone Creek, Kentucky, the Sin-Eater is devouring something else–the souls of the living–and it’s up to the cursed seventh son of a seventh son, Ezekiel Crane, to stop him.

But as the investigation deepens, Crane will discover that the rampage of the Sin-Eater in his own hometown is no coincidence, and the search for the truth will take him down a dark path…a path set by his lifelong enemy, the malevolent Willow Hag.

A path to the Ghostfeast, where everything will end.


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Coming in 2020

Don’t worry readers! I know it’s been a while, but more Ezekiel Crane stories are on the way, and things are just getting good!

The Willow Hag saga is about to conclude as the Scratchman comes to town. Could he be the source of salvation for Crane and his friends? Or is he something far worse. Coming late 2020.



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