Tombstone Voodoo

Pirates. Voodoo. And the Guede…the spirit gods of voodoo tasked with the dead. What more could anyone ask? Throw in a brave pirate slave and his undying love of a daughter he’s sworn to protect no matter the cost. Add a dash of Davy Jones’ Locker, the mythical land of the dead. And a whole bunch of mythology. That’s what you’ll get if you pick up Tombstone Voodoo today!


Set sail for a world of pirates, magic, and high adventure…

Quinn Bennett may be dead, but he’s not going to let a little thing like that stop him.

Moments before his execution, Quinn, a slave who’s been caught stealing from his masters—the Pirate Lords—offers up a prayer to Baron Tombstone, begging the powerful voodoo spirit to watch over his daughter, Asherah. When Tombstone answers his prayer, Quinn learns that there are worse fates than death.

With his body transformed into a zombie vessel for the voodoo spirit to walk upon the earth, and his spirit trapped in the Locker—the mythical Realm of the Dead—Quinn must find a way back to the land of the living and discover a way to free Asherah from the bondage of the Pirate Lords and Baron Tombstone’s diabolical plans to make the girl his eternal bride.


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This was a great adventure that took me into the world of Voodoo & pirates.

Amazon Reviewer

Holloway takes the myths and legends and makes them real and tells us their stories along with Quinn's journey.

Amazon Reviewer

In true Kent Holloway fashion, these characters are fun and the story is intriguing.

Amazon Reviewer