Three Mysteries for the price of None!

If you’re like a time traveler, and are reading this post from the future (say, after Saturday, 01/19/2020), you’re probably not going to like this post. However, if you’re a time traveler, then you can go back and read this post today and get in on the excitement!

Ready to hear the good news (for those people who live in the present)? Starting Tuesday (01/14/2020), for the next five days, three of my mystery novels are going to be one hundred percent free on Kindle. This is the first time I’ve ever made multiple titles free at the same time. And it’s a very rare occurrence that I’m making a title free to begin with.

But if you’ve been paying attention to the direction my writing has been going in recent years, you’ll have noticed that my books are moving slowly into the mystery genre, in particular in the traditional mystery genre (and soon, into the cozy arena as well). Fact of the matter is, I love a good whodunnit. More important, given what I do for a living (forensic death investigations), I’m not a big fan of the grittier police procedural or serial killer stuff. I like light-hearted, humorous mysteries where the reader can actually solve the case if they pay enough attention. I like the classic mansion murders with a small number of eccentric suspects to choose from. I like the small town murders with the amateur sleuth using their wit against an assortment of quirky townsfolk and cunning killers.

I see the real thing all the time, so when I read a book (or when I write them), I don’t want to relive those gruesome scenes I investigate. I want to escape, while wrapping my mind around a nice, intriguing puzzle. That’s what these mysteries do for me, and that’s why I’m moving slowly in that direction.

But I have such a reputation for my paranormal thrillers, it’s been a bit tough breaking into the mystery genre. Difficult to make a name for myself as a mystery author. People know me as the folklore guy. The voodoo expert. The monster master. And while all those things can (and will) be used in my future mysteries, I’d like to attract more pure mystery readers’ attraction. For that, I need two things: 1) I need mystery lovers to actually read these books, and 2) I need them to leave reviews. I’m hoping by giving the books away, both of those things will happen.

So, that’s why I’m doing this. For the next five days, three of my mystery novels will be free. Which ones?

Clean Exit new 2017First, we’ll start with CLEAN EXIT (Book 1 of the Ajax Clean Forensic Thrillers). Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a traditional whodunnit. It’s more in line with the ‘grittier’ form of crime fiction. But it’s filled with humor, and while the forensics are very accurate based on my own personal expertise, the story itself isn’t what I’d call realistic by any stretch. It’s just a fun bit of crime fiction that will make you laugh. Sometimes, make you close your eyes with tension. And other times, maybe wince at something pretty gross. But in the end, this thriller about a forensic cleaner for the mob will do what it was intended to do…it will entertain you and allow you a few hours of escapism. Plus, I’m working on book two and plan on releasing it around June of this year. So, you’ll want to be caught up before the next book comes out.

You can pick this book up by clicking the link HERE.

dwo OFFICIALSecond free book. DEATH WARMED OVER (A Grim Days Mystery). This is sort of a hybrid cozy mystery/police procedural in that it involves an amateur sleuth (Silas Mott, AKA the Grim Reaper himself) and a young beautiful police chief of a small town beach police department. It is, as some have told me, very similar to the TV show Lucifer. Others, such as NY Times bestselling author has compared it to Castle. But in the end, it is first and foremost, a small town whodunnit with a fun, quirky cast of characters who are sure to entertain. And, as is essential for any book I enjoy, the reader CAN solve the mystery themselves if they follow along closely and pay attention to the clues. If you’re a fan of cozies and traditional mysteries, this is the book for you. Give it a try.

You can pick this book up by clicking the link HERE.

killypso island CMYKFinally, the third free book is one that just hasn’t seemed to be given much of a chance. And it’s probably my favorite by far. KILLYPSO ISLAND was a work of love for me. It originated from a calypso song I’d heard years ago called ‘Run Joe’, which told the story of two candy store owners being chased by the police for running a fortune telling racket in the store’s back room. It inspired this Caribbean mystery featuring an ex-WWII pilot who retired to a secluded island and became a smuggler. It’s at the beginning of the Cold War. Russian spies are everywhere. And there is a murder of a prominent woman in the community in which the protagonist is framed. Our hero has to dodge the spies, run from French police, and stay one step ahead of a vicious voodoo priest while trying to solve the mystery to save his hide. It’s a lot of fun. Humorous. There’s a mischievous monkey too. What’s not to love? And yet, it’s been one of my worst selling titles.

Kane Gilmour, the amazing author behind The Crypt of Dracula, and my editor, said it was easily my best book today. But it still couldn’t find the traction needed to really catch on. So, I’m hoping this freebie will inspire you to give it a shot too. I’d love to see this book succeed. It deserves it, I think.

So, if you’re interested, click the link HERE.

Now, I’m aware that most of my avid readers have probably already picked these books up and read them already. But there are many out there who haven’t, and this is your chance to check out my stuff at no risk. Truth is, I’ve historically been opposed to free books for the primary reason that it has been used so often, that many readers out there have come to expect it. If it’s not free, they tell me, they won’t get it. What they don’t understand is that most authors rely on sales to live (I’m fortunate that I have a full time job and don’t have to rely on book sales, but that’s not true of many authors). And free books quite literally take food off the tables of many authors. Because of that, I rarely participate in the practice.

But I also would like these books to be discovered by the mystery lovers out there too. It’s a trade off, I suppose. I want to support other authors, who need book sales to live, but at the same time, I also hope to share my own books with people who would appreciate them most, but not otherwise give them a chance.

So, I hope you’ll take advantage of these three deals this week. I also hope you’ll share this post with all your friends, so they might take advantage of it as well. I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll ever do this again. So, if you’ve ever been curious to read my stuff, now’s definitely the time. I just hope you have a good time when you do. And let me know what you think!

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